The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 417 In The End, What Happened?
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 417 In The End, What Happened?

Hexi slightly frowned, she used her hand to wipe her face and take off her disguise. Lowering her voice, “Zhou Yan’an, clearly look at who I am!”

“Xi… Xi gongzi!”

There was the sound of something clattering and the flying sword fell to the ground. Zhou Yan’an seemed to be like a deflated ball. His two knees were soft, falling to the floor.

Suddenly, he seemed to have thought of something and his face had a bit of alarm on it. He repeatedly said, “Xi gongzi, no! Genius Doctor Xi, you… You quickly leave, don’t come here again!”

“Before Young Master left, he said to tell you to no longer speak to him. He… He doesn’t want you to be implicated alongside him. That agreement is dropped, Xi gongzi, quickly leave!”

On the contrary, Hexi didn’t leave. Instead, she began to speak in a cold tone. “You joke, you let me come and I’ll come? Let me leave and I’ll leave? I, Xi Yue, will always keep my word on the things I’ve agreed to. I disdain not returning kindness even more.”

“Speak, what happened to Gu Liufeng?”

In a daze, Zhou Yan’an looked at Hexi. The youth in front of him had handsome eyebrows and phoenix eyes. His skin was like jade, clearly he looked like a weak youth. Clearly he was no more than Foundation Establishment stage. But, he always emitted an imposing manner.

It seemed as if, no matter how big a plight it was, he could settle it.

It seemed like, no matter how challenging or dangerous something was, as long as he was there, they would be able to overcome any difficulties.

Zhou Yan’an thought of what happened inside Sealed Dragon Domain’s Secret Territory. When confronting the formidable Ice Lotus Fairy, he, as a Gold Core stage martial artist, could only give up all hope and wait to die. But, he would try his best when fighting the Ice Lotus Fairy, even going as far as to injure her.

If… If it was this youth’s words, perhaps there’s still a chance for Young Master to be saved?

A rush of hope bubbled forth in Zhou Yan’an’s heart. He knew very well that this kind of mood was preposterous, but he couldn’t help but want to continue to believe in and pray for this mere Foundation Establishment stage youth.

“After exiting the Secret Territory, it was very hard on our Sheng De Hall. Not only was it Murong family, there’s also a large power, in the back, that’s also suppressing us.”

“Inside Yan Jing city, there are many people who spoke of the knews of Young Master, our means of replenishing stock also became an issue. The medicinal hall’s business took a devastating decline.”

“At the time, Young Master seemed to already have a premonition. He even said, if something happened to him, I should send a letter to Xi gongzi, telling you not to come here at all costs. What Young Master didn’t want to happen was to include you.”

Hexi frowned and replied, “As far as I know, Murong family only has one high level Gold Core stage martial artist. It was Murong Hai, who died in the Secret Territory. The remaining people, even if there was a Gold Core stage, they wouldn’t be Gu Liufeng’s opponent.”

“If Gu Liufeng had the thought to run, how could there be someone who took him away?”

Zhou Yan’an tearfully wiped at his face. “In the beginning, Young Master beat the people who come into a sorry state. But afterwards, one person among them was the surrogate head of the household for Murong family– – Murong Feng. He took out a jade slip to give to Young Master to see.”

“After Young Master saw the jade slip, his complexion changed. Then, that Murong Feng also said that if Young Master didn’t follow him back, he would announce the contents of the jade slip to everyone. This caused Young Master to not have the face to keep living anymore. Afterwards, Young Master gave up resisting and allowed those people to take him away.”

Hexi frowned, “What was inside the jade slip?”

“I don’t know either, but it must be something that Young Master wouldn’t want others to know, even if he died.” Zhou Yan’an recalled Young Master’s appearance when he was leaving, it was full of despair. He couldn’t help but feel a burst of chilliness in his heart, his voice began to shudder. “Xi gongzi, you… Do you have methods to save Young Master?”


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