The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 423 Origin Of A Scar
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 423 Origin Of A Scar

She just found an iron wire and shaped it into a hook, then she quietly moved it inside the keyhole of the iron chains.

Several seconds later, there was a clunk sound and the lock to the iron chains loosened.

Once Gu Liufeng’s body was separated from the chains, his body seemed to have lost all strength as he toppled to the floor.

Startled, Hexi immediately reached her hand out to bring his weak body closer, having him rest entirely on her body.

In order to ensure that he felt comfortable when leaning on her, she had the Purple Abyss Vine lend additional support.

.She raised her head and gazed at Gu Liufeng’s complexion face with concern, “Hello, are you still good?”

In a daze, Gu Liufeng looked up at her and gazed at her pair of glassy black and limpid eyes, they were full of concern and didn’t carry a trace of disgust.

He was silent for a good moment before his hoarse voice suddenly rang out, “Little Xue’er, you… you don’t think I’m disgusting?”

“Disgusting?” Hexi’s face was stupefied, she looked at him like she was looking at an idiot, “Just because this brute wanted to do errant things to you, you’re disgusting?”

“Gu Liufeng, are you sure your brain isn’t ill, ah?”

Meeting Gu Liufeng’s sluggish gaze, Hexi unhappily retorted, “You were bitten by a beast, thinking that he wasn’t a beast but a bast***. You should kill him for revenge, rather than thinking that you were bitten because you’re disgusting. And isn’t it because the beast is too vicious? You say that your brain isn’t ill, but why have you brought concern onto yourself?”

All of a sudden, Gu Liufeng was dumbfounded. In a split second, all the grief and despair in his heart seemed like bubbles that had suddenly been popped, disappearing without a trace.

The youth’s jade-like face was near, her eyes were clear and resolute. The corner of her mouth hooked into a shallow smile and her whole body gave off the manner of ‘who am I angry at’.

Gu Liufeng felt as if he was too weak and useless when compared to this youth.

He suddenly reached his hand up to feel the wound on his face and lowly mumbled, “Xi Yie, do you know how I got this scar?”

When he saw Xi Yue looking at himself, he dismally laughed at himself and slowly said, “When I was fifteen, Murong Linfeng poisoned me and intended to violate me.”

“Fortunately, during this time, I suddenly broke through to Meridians stage. Eventually, I escaped from his evil clutches and was even able to seriously injure him.”

“But, after Murong family learned of these matters, not only did they not severely punish Murong Linfeng, they merely beat him once and then said that I was a man-seducing sl**, that I was just as shameless as my mom. And when those clan elders saw my body and natural aptitude, they wanted to raise me in a cultivation stove!”

“He he, this is the Murong family of Yan Jing city’s four big families. From the outside, it’s bright and beautiful. But inside, it has long since become extremely rotten, even filthier than sewer rats!”

Indescribable anger and hatred appeared on Gu Liufeng’s face, the hands by his side tightened into fists. “I was left helpless, the only thing I could do was use a special medicine to scratch my own face and even pretend that all my cultivation had wasted away, so that they would chase me out of Murong manor.”

“Over these past ten years, I’ve done all I could to cultivate. Even if I lowered my lifespan or ignited my dantian, I didn’t let it stop me. After ten years, I reached the summit of Gold Core stage… During my most difficult times, I let my hatred for Murong family motivate me to keep going!”

“If it weren’t for the fact that my mother is still in their hands or that she was still sick… I would have already killed Murong family, this group of brutes, without sparing even the lives of the chickens and dogs, long ago!”

“Xi Yue, I hate them! I can’t wait to eat their meat, drink their blood, and dismember these scums into a thousand pieces!!”

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