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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 427 Suitcase

The sound of burning flesh that caused people’s tooth’s to ache sounded again, following that was the smell of barbecue.

The ‘Gu Liufeng’ being tortured couldn’t speak through the pain, all he could do was let out blood-curdling screeches.

Madam Murong looked at his pitiful appearance and felt extremely cheerful in her heart. Laughing, she said, “Shameless bast***, didn’t you just rely on this face of yours to seduce Linfeng? Seeing as I’ve ruined your face now, I’d like to see how you can entice my son again! Ha ha ha…”

The tortured ‘Gu Liufeng’ had clearly also heard Madam Murong because his face held an expression filled with shock.

He looked down to look at himself and began to frantically struggle, but he discovered that he couldn’t even budge.

Regardless of whether it was his face or crotch, there was heart tearing and lung splitting pain from both.

But what was the scariest fact was that his own mother stood in front of him but didn’t recognize him, instead she called him “Murong Linfeng”!

‘Gu Liufeng’ opened his mouth wide and yelled out in his hoarse voice, “Mother, it’s me, ah. I am Linfeng, I’m your son, ah. Save me… Save me––!”

But, his face had been burned by the flatiron, even his lips were inflamed. So, all his words were intelligible, Madam Murong didn’t understand what he was saying at all.

Seeing him screaming and crying with his eyes full of dread, she actually felt incomparably carefree. Taking a hairpin out of her hair, she randomly stabbed at his face. “Ha ha ha… Little bast***, what are you, you’re nothing more than the random goods some depraved and crazy woman gave birth to. But unexpectedly, your aptitude is higher than my son, and you even dare to seduce my son!”

“I spit on you! You’re just the same as that mother of yours, stepped on by other people for a lifetime! Bi***, sl**, damn bast***…”

To a martial artist, the hairpin coming down wasn’t a threat to their life, whatsoever. But, this face was quickly mutilated by her, that fright and pain couldn’t be matched by any normal torture method.

All along, Murong Linfeng had been begging for forgiveness, until finally, he drew his last breath and his voice became weaker and weaker, slowly tapering off until he wasn’t heard anymore.

Roughly breathing, Madam Murong opened her eyes and as she watched ‘Gu Liufeng’, she recalled the humiliation she suffered under this mother and son pair those few years prior and wished she could tear this little bast*** to shreds.

But, no matter what, the people in Murong family wanted to leave this little bast*** and sl** alive, causing her to be unable to make peace with this resentment.

All of a sudden, it seemed as if she had thought of something. Quickly walking over to a corner in the interrogation room, Madam Murong evilly grinned and opened one of the mechanisms.

Quickly, a wooden suitcase, that was approximately half a person tall, appeared.

Inside the wooden suitcase, a disheveled haired woman lay curled up in it.

All they saw was that this woman was red all over, from head to toe, her body was covered in numerous scars. Moreover, these scars were folding over each other, new and old scars overlapped each other. It was extremely evident that this woman had never stopped being tortured.

But what shocked Hexi the most was that this person was six meters tall, but day and night, she had been locked up in this one meter tall suitcase, curled up and incapable of unfolding. What kind of torment was this?

When she laid her eyes upon this person, Hexi felt the nearby Gu Liufeng tense up and noticed his eyes turned as red as blood.

If it weren’t for Hexi holding him back, he would’ve recklessly rushed out.

Madam Murong grabbed onto her hair and pulled her out of the suitcase, dragging her like she would trash until she was in front of ‘Gu Liufeng’.

Off to the side, the guard’s face was panic-stricken. Nearing her, he quietly whispered, “Before, Master said that we couldn’t recklessly take her out without his order, you [1] doing this…”

[1] you – when the guard is saying you, he’s saying 您 (nin) which is a more formal way of saying you, versus 你 (ni) which is more informal


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