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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 430 Bound?!

Hexi grabbed onto him and lowly said, “Tonight, you can’t fight. This Murong manor has an unknown expert, his cultivation level may even be higher than yours. Let alone to say that today, your Mother’s safety is the top priority.”

Gu Liufeng’s expression returned, he dipped his head in shame and a trace of guilt flitted across his eyes.

Hexi used the Purple Abyss Vine to wrap around Gu Liufeng, it jumped off his body and noiselessly left Murong manor and disappeared into Yan Jing city’s streets.

»»————- ✼ ————-««

By this time, it had already passed chou shi [1] and Yan Jing city’s eastern main streets were quiet. The only sound was the sounds of the wind blowing under the dusky lanterns on both sides, shining upon an ample space with it’s serene light.

But it was only at this time that Zhou Yan’an dared to step out of Sheng De Hall’s second floor.

His entire person seemed like a cat on a hot tin roof, incessantly walking around in front of the door.

On one hand, he was worried about Young Master’s situation and on the other hand, he hated himself for putting Hexi in a difficult situation. His originally young and scholarly face was lined with wrinkles.

Suddenly, Zhou Yan’an heard a familiar and clear voice, “Zhou shopkeeper, until what time do you want to pace around under there?”

Zhou Yan’an happily raised his head up and looked towards Sheng De Hall’s second floor. Sure enough, he saw Hexi’s half lit up and half darkened beautiful appearance.

But what caused him to be even more surprised was that a tall and youthful male stood beside Hexi’s body, if it wasn’t the Young Master, Gu Liufeng, then who was it.

Zhou Yan’an felt his blood surge and was suddenly filled with ecstasy, he nearly laughed.

Fortunately, he maintained himself. With a face filled with happiness, he rushed onto the second floor.

“Xi gongzi, you… You really did bring Young Master back!” Zhou Yan’an rushed into the room, he couldn’t help but loudly yell, his voice was choked with emotion.

When he finally saw Gu Liufeng completely intact and standing in front of him, Zhou Yan’an couldn’t help it any longer and knelt down in front of Hexi, knocking his head against the floor multiple times. “Xi gongzi, your [2] large favor and kindness, I really don’t know how… Don’t know how to repay you. If it weren’t for you, I…”

Hexi’s mouth twitched, why were there so many people who liked to kneel in front of her over these past few days?

If the amount of people who kowtowed in front of you really shortened ones life, she would already be close to dropping dead by now.

Hexi unhappily cast a glance at Gu Liufeng. Her meaning was clear, your own person should be dealt with yourself.

What she was the worst at was dealing with such emotional scenes.

Single-handedly, Gu Liufeng clenched his fist against his lips, but his face shone with a long-lost smile. When he applied the spiritual power in his hand, Zhou Yan’an was lightly propped up. “Okay Yan’an, Xi Yue isn’t an outsider. Moreover, you’ll have plenty of times to kneel to him in the future.”

Hexi was distracted for a moment, what talk about having more time in the future to kneel to her? What nonsense was Gu Liufeng spouting?

But, Gu Liufeng had already switched the topic. “Yan’an, first find something to bind my Mother up.”

When Gu Liufeng’s words came out, both Hexi and Zhou Yan’an’s faces had astonishment written across them.

Previously, Zhou Yan’an had been wholly focused on Gu Liufeng and Hexi, he didn’t notice the disheveled woman on the bed. At this moment, he let out a cry, “Young Master, Xi gongzi, you guys… You guys even rescued Madam?!”

But surprise turned into surprise. Zhou Yan’an loked at the time and his face showed a nervous expression.

At once, he found a sturdy rope from inside the room and helped Gu Liufeng tie Gu Youlan up.

Facing Hexi’s doubtful expression, Gu Liufeng wiped the thin layer of sweat on his forehead and lowly said, “When my Mother has an outbreak, she’ll lose all sense and try to harm herself in anyway possible.”

[1] chou shi – time between 1-3 am
[2] you – when he says you, he’s saying it courteously


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