The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 437 Hearing of the Doctor’s Association Again
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 437 Hearing of the Doctor’s Association Again

This can’t be ah! If Murong family was able to accomplish this, then their medicinal hall wouldn’t have been suppressed by Sheng De Hall earlier.

Gu Liufeng didn’t speak before Zhou Yan’an walked over to Hexi with his face full of worry. “It isn’t only because of Murong family suppressing us. The main reason is because we offended Feng family and Feng Lian Ying in the Secret Territory.”

“Xi gongzi, you don’t know, but Feng Lian Ying is apart of the Doctor’s Association, furthermore, her position isn’t low either. No matter what medicinal hall it is, in Miluo Continent, as long as the Doctor’s Association suppresses them, they won’t be able to continue on.”

Zhou Yan’an saw that Hexi had a puzzled expression on his face and he sighed. “Because in Miluo Continent, regardless of whether the spiritual medicine is good or if it’s a standard pill, it’s all related to the Doctor’s Association. If the Doctor’s Association issues an order to suppress us, we can’t find any places to replenish our supply, nor can we find any doctors willing to work with us.”

“Just relying on our few fields of spiritual plants and the rate I refine pills, we cannot keep even one Sheng De Hall up and running.”

After all, Sheng De Hall had branches, there wasn’t only this one store in Yan Jing city. And nowadays, they didn’t even have enough pills and medicinal ingredients to keep the branch in Yan Jing city up.

This time, Hexi truly had a surprised expression on her face.

Ever since she arrived on Mi Luo continent, she had always heard of the Doctor’s Association’s name. She knew that this was an enormous organization.

But she hadn’t expected that this organization’s strength was to this degree. How much power and military force was needed to be able to monopolize eighty percent of the mainland’s market?

On the contrary, at this moment, Gu Liufeng broke out into a laugh. “Little Yue’er, do you understand my reasoning now? If I don’t hand Sheng De Hall to you, it won’t even be two days before the foundation, that I spent ten years building up, falls apart. Rather than so, it would be better for you to come take things over.”

“I’m convinced that, on this Miluo Continent, only you are able to contend against the Doctor’s Association.”

When Zhou Yan’an heard what was said, he was filled with great alarm. However, he wasn’t shocked at the fact that Gu Liufeng wished to gift Sheng De Hall to Hexi.

Gu Liufeng had told him that he would gift Sheng De Hall to Hexi a few days prior. Now, Zhou Yan’an was very admiring of Hexi and was even moved to tears by her, where would he have any opposing thoughts.

What he was shocked against was that Gu Liufeng said that Hexi could contend against the Doctor’s Association.

“Xi gongzi is also an expert in refining pills?” Zhou Yan’an knit his brows, “But, even if we Xi gongzi can refine pills, by only relying on us, we would only be able to refine one hundred bottles with one or two pills each inside, each day. We would be extremely far off from the amount that is needed.”

Hexi didn’t have time to speak before Xi San, who had followed Hexi here, suddenly rushed up. From his bosom, he brought out a piece of paper and mysteriously said, “What if our family’s Young… hai hai [1], our family’s gongzi can produce three hundred bottles of these quality pills each day?”

Zhou Yan’an suspiciously took the light yellow colored paper and took a look––– As it turns out, it was an appraisal for a pill from the Imperial Pharmaceutical Institution.

But when Zhou Yan’an clearly saw the outcome of the appraisal on the document, he was overwhelmed with shock and voiced out, “This… This can’t be! How can the world have such a superb pill!”

He rubbed his eyes and took another glance. Then he shook his head and glanced again. But the appraisal was written in black and white, it was clear as day. The Imperial Pharmaceutical Institution’s crest caused him to become dizzy.

By the side, Xi San mischievously laughed. He looked down and appreciated Zhou Yan’an’s ‘to hell with it!’ expression. Although he had originally be startled as well… Looking at others being intimidated by his own family’s Miss was truly too pleasurable.

[1] hai hai – sound of coughing


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