The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 441 Daddy? Little babies? What the hell?
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 441 Daddy? Little babies? What the hell?

When Dan Dan saw Hexi, it brought the swing higher and higher. Then, it flew and threw itself into her arms, laughing all along. “Mother, it’s time for the evening meal. Are you going to prepare delicious food for Dan Dan?”

Hexi carried the heavy, little fellow and poked it’s head, unhappily replying, “You little chowhound. All day, all you know how to do is eat, as if I’ve starved you. You say, I stored food in the Spirit Firmament Palace. Who was it that ate it clean?”

“It was. It was Long Long!” Dan Dan covered it’s mouth, it’s eyes were randomly turning looking around.

Hexi slapped it a few times on the forehead. “Not only do you steal food, you’ve also learned how to lie. I clearly put it in a secret place, but you rummaged through and found it, eating it all clean. Be careful, in the future you might eat so much you’ll turn into a fatty. Ugly and fat, nobody will want you!”

“Dan Dan isn’t ugly or fat!” When Dan Dan heard Hexi scolding it, it immediately began to sob. “The other person [1] has clearly been working. Everyday they plant many spiritual plants and even bring them back, neatly piling them up.”

“Wu wu wu, Mother doesn’t love me anymore. Mother avoids me because I’m ugly…”

“Okay, okay! Is it not okay for me to be wrong!” When Dan Dan started crying, Hexi immediately became flustered. She was usually grim, but when she came in front of this little fellow’s face, it had her wrapped around it’s finger, she became soft.

Hexi wiped the tears from Dan Dan’s face and patiently comforted it, “It was Mother that was wrong. Dan Dan is obedient and very adorable. Dan Dan made the spiritual field full of plants and even brings them back. Dan Dan is the most useful, it was Mother that spoke incorrectly then. Dan Dan don’t feel sad, okay?”

With great difficulty, Dan Dan nodded it’s head. Wrapping itself around Hexi’s neck, it childishly said, “Then Mother, you have to forever love Dan Dan? Even if you love Daddy, it can’t surpass Dan Dan. Oh… And in the future, the little babies can’t surpass Dan Dan either…”

Daddy? Little babies? What the hell? How many melodramatic dramas did this little fellow watch at eight? [2]

Hexi lowly coughed and rubbed the antennae on it’s head. Then, she helplessly said, “Okay, I got it. Mother will forever love you the most. Are you happy now brat?”

Dan Dan, whose antennae had been touched, had a red face. Mischievously laughing, he jumped down from Hexi’s embrace and vivaciously ran back onto the purple vine’s swing.

It’s face still had tear stains, but it’s had a brilliant smiling expression, similar to sunshine. Really has the temperament of a child, if one said it was wind then it was rain. [3]

When Hexi saw Dan Dan happily playing, she didn’t mind it anymore. Arriving at Spirit Firmament Hall, she took out the Zijin medicine cauldron.

First, she refined two furnaces of Supplement Spirit Pill. After spending approximately two hours, both furnaces had been completely refined and each furnace had about a hundred pills.

Compared to when she first refined pills, the speed was truly quicker.

Perhaps it was related to the fact that she used the Zijin medicine cauldron to refine, but each of the Supplement Spirit Pills she refined this time had the crystal power equal to twelve crystals. These pills had become a third rank Supplement Spirit Pill.

Hexi took out the Overflowing Cauldron Pill Scripture and chose two types of rank two pills to refine from it.

After an hour, the rank two pills were taken out of the oven. There was ninety-two pills, their colors were all vivid and their spiritual qi was rich.

Hexi was overjoyed. When she refined rank two pills now, she didn’t have the feeling of having to toil anymore.

Continuing on, Hexi refined several stoves of first rank Supplement Spirit Pills, in one stretch. After all, her first rate Supplement Spirit Pills had already caused such a great fuss. If she took out rank two Supplement Spirit Pills, she couldn’t guarantee that it wouldn’t attract the Doctor’s Association’s longing.

[1] the other person – Dan Dan’s referring to itself
[2] how many melodramatic dramas did this little fellow watch at eight? – eight o’clock is like the golden time, around this time is typically when people have finished eating dinner and are spending time with family by watching television. usually around this time, there are a lot of dramas on, especially melodramatic ones
[3] if one said it was wind, then it was rain – she’s basically saying that Dan Dan doesn’t dwell on much, between different events there isn’t much of a gap for him
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    《The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife》