The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 442 The Most Intelligent Spirit Pe
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 442 The Most Intelligent Spirit Pe


By the time the fifth stove of first rank Supplement Spirit Pills had finished, Hexi had already accumulated a body full of sweat. Her spiritual power had been completely dried up, and she was only able to continue up to now because she had used her Ninth Secluded Spring water to replenish her spiritual power.

Looking at the ten or so porcelain bottles full of pills, Hexi felt immensely gratified, yet worried.

If she had to refine pills every day, regardless of the time, for Sheng De Hall, how would she have any time to cultivate, ah?

“Mother, Mother, do you want these black sweets? Dan Dan made them entirely for you!”

Hexi turned around and saw the small fellow grasping a small case full of black pills. It was presenting it in front of her as if it were presenting a treasure.

The little fellow’s forehead had some sweat and it’s big eyes were glistening. The two antennae on it’s head swayed and the expression on his face said ‘Mother I’m obedient, quickly come and praise me”.

These… These were pills? Hexi picked one up and tasted it, discovering that these were indeed first rank Supplement Spirit Pills.

Moreover, no matter how strong the spiritual qi it seemed to have, it was nearly the same amount that the pills she refined had.

Hexi swallowed the pill and felt the feeling of the pill dissolving for a moment. Although it couldn’t achieve the crystal power of twelve crystals, it contained the power of approximately eight crystal powers. The essence purity was also about eighty percent.

This quality of pill was already comparable to the top first rank Supplement Spirit Pill on the market, it could even be said to be a rank above.

Hexi looked at Dan Dan’s box, which she had no clue where it came from, with astonishment. How come she saw a thousand pills?

“Dan Dan, where did you get these pills from?”

Dan Dan stuck out his small chest and mischievously laughed. “Naturally it was because I refined them, ah! Mother, I’m awesome, right?”

Hexi opened and closed her mouth for awhile, after some time, she was finally able to force some words out. “Dan Dan, how long have you been refining these pills?”

“How long? Dan Dan didn’t know either, ah?” Dan Dan tilted his little head and seriously thought. “Because when Dan Dan threw the spiritual medicines into the stove, Dan Dan also threw them in. When Mother lit the fire, Dan Dan also lit the fire. When Mother opened the stove, Dan Dan also did so. The result was this many pills ah~”

One stove! It was only the time it took one stove! Unexpectedly, Dan Dan was able to refine a thousand top notch, first rank Supplement Spirit Pills (from one stove)!!”

Hexi simply didn’t know how to describe her current mood.

When Dan Dan saw Hexi didn’t praise it and instead was expressionless, it’s antennae suddenly drooped down and it began to sob. “Mother, was it Dan Dan who made an error? Dan Dan was just bored and imitated Mother refining pills.”

Originally, Dan Dan was playing on the swing. But he later got bored of playing and ran to Hexi’s side to watch.

But Hexi was busy with refining and didn’t notice the little fellow nor did she play with it.

Dan Dan was truly bored and hated to depart from Hexi’s side, so it began to refine with her.

Dan Dan had just finished speaking when Hexi carried it and repeatedly kissed it’s face. “Our family’s Dan Dan is truly the most intelligent spirit pet in the whole world! Dan Dan, you didn’t make an error, instead you helped resolve a big problem for Mother!”

At first, when Dan Dan had been kissed it was distracted. Following that, it covered it’s face and laughed. Because it was both shy and happy, it’s entire body had a light pink color on it. Looking at it, it looked exceptionally delicious, causing one to want to swallow it.

Hexi carried Dan Dan and praised it for a moment before having some baffling questions. “Dan Dan, you know how to refine pills? And you have a stove?”

Dan Dan pulled Hexi to a distant place and pointed at a gray stove. “I found it from a corner. Mother threw it in the corner and nobody was using it, so I took it and used it.”
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    《The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife》