The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 445 The Remains
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 445 The Remains

Now, after discovering that the food Hexi made was not only delicious but rich in spiritual power, it’s heart suddenly burst with joy. It hugged Hexi’s thigh and loudly shouting, proclaiming that it would no longer eat raw meat, and would only eat the meat that Hexi prepared.

Ignoring the two fellows’ boasting and fighting, Hexi ate some of the snake meat and then left the space. After coming out, she jumped to the top of Cang Mountain.

In the midst of the lush forest that resided at the top of Cang Mountain, Hexi specially made a way for a portion of the spiritual force from Sealed Dragon Domain to go into Cang Mountain. And at this very moment, Wu Xin was coincidentally cultivating at the top of the mountain.

Originally, Wu Xin wished to follow behind Hexi in order to protect her. However, he was rejected by Hexi based on the reason that having a Nascent Soul stage martial artist following her would be too eye-catching.

However, after Wu Xin had been chased to this place by Hexi with a heavy heart, he realized that his family’s wangfei had only done so because she knew that his had just been promoted to Nascent Soul stage and was still unstable. So, she had found a place that was undisturbed, remote, and rich with spiritual qi for him to cultivate.

Originally, Wu Xin wanted to decline her. But when Hexi told him that it was a command, he didn’t dare to speak back anymore.

Most of all, after he sent a letter to Master, Master approved of wangfei’s decision. So, Wu Xin settled down here without worries. Now, after a brief month passed, his current state stabilized into a true Nascent Soul stage, not like the previous “fake Nascent Soul stage” he was in.

At this moment, Wu Xin had just reached the tip of the sixth branch, of the method that Master had sent, when he felt someone approaching.

When he clearly saw Hexi’s figure, Wu Xin’s face immediately turned respectful as he walked forward to welcome her. “Wangfei, why have you* come?”

Hexi had made a loop around, inspecting everything. After she felt the rich spiritual qi in the area, she nodded her head. “How do you feel now?”

“Thanking wangfei for allowing this precious cultivation!” Wu Xin gratefully thanked, “Subordinate’s current cultivation state has steadied now. If wangfei had any commands, subordinate will definitely be able to accomplish them.”

For Hexi to have found such a remote and spiritual qi rich place for him to cultivate, Wu Xin had already harbored suspicions.

But Master’s reassurances dispelled any doubts Wu Xin had. In any case, wangfei was extremely strong, had many cards in her hand, and was able to protect herself. This was all advantageous towards Master.

“May I ask if wangfei has any matters for subordinate to do?” When Wu Xin saw that Hexi hadn’t responded for awhile, he couldn’t help but ask a second time.

Hexi muttered to herself under her breath, while her face held an embarrassed expression. But suddenly, she threw a storage ring to Wu Xin and instructed, “The things inside this are remains of what I made, I made too much. It’s for… For you guys!”

Once she finished speaking, she didn’t wait for Wu Xin to reply before she jumped into the air and instantly disappeared.

Wu Xin blankly stood there for a long time. Why did he feel that wangfei’s back always had the scent of fleeing.

After awhile, Wu Xin finally returned back to normal and used his mind to probe around the storage ring, bringing the contents outside.

Soon after, a reddish-brown food box appeared in front of his eyes and the strong smell of food filled is nose. Wu Xin momentarily blanked out.

Moreover, it wasn’t just one food box inside this storage ring. It was actually two, instead.

Wu Xin thought for a moment before he went back to smell it again… This, this was what wangfei prepared for Master?

Oh, wrong. There were two food boxes, so was it that one of them was for himself?

So if he ate one, there wouldn’t be any problems?

A few days later, a certain person, residing in the magic beast forest, received a storage ring that contained a food box.

When he smelt the familiar fragrance coming off of the food box in spirals, Nangong Yu buried his face in his hands and didn’t budge for a long time.

*he’s saying you respectfully
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    《The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife》