The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 447 Tongues Are Wagging
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 447 Tongues Are Wagging

“You say that the first rate Supplement Spirit Pill’s essence purity reaches up to 99%? I heard that even the elders of the Doctor’s Association can only refine pills with an essence as pure as 85%. Sheng De Hall isn’t trying to cheat me, right?”

“It’s definitely true, this was directly from the Imperial Pharmaceutical Institution’s appraisal. According to rumor, they set a contract with them on the same day!”

“So you’re saying that I can take this pill and cultivate up to Meridians stage without having to worry about the poison in the pills accumulating in my body?”

“Hey, who do you say has been refining these first rate Supplement Spirit Pills? Has anyone else on this continent successfully refined them before?”

“I haven’t heard of anyone being able to refine them. But if they’re able to refine them to this level, then they have to, at least, be at the level of a great scholar, right?”

This group of people’s guesses quickly led to an uproar.

A great scholar level in refining pills and the highest ranked doctor in Jin Ling country… The only person it could be was Nalan Zhengze.

To these people, such an expert at refining pills was just as distant as a character from a legend.

“Why would this type of person be refining pills for Sheng De Hall? What type of background does Sheng De Hall have, ah? And weren’t they unable to obtain any pills before, and about to go bankrupt?”

“None of you guys know?” The person who broke the news at the start suddenly cried out in surprise. “A few days ago, Sheng De Hall exchanged owners. Moreover, it’s said that this new owner is quite competent, all these pills were brought in by the new owner.”

“Moreover, Sheng De Hall is currently only selling first ranked Supplement Spirit Pills. Reportedly, they have second ranked pills on hand, and even third ranked ones too. If one was able to buy even one pill, ke ke…”

The back of the line was spiritedly discussing these things until finally, someone from the front couldn’t help but come over and say, “You don’t know this? Sheng De Hall doesn’t just sell Supplement Spirit Pills, they sell an even more powerful and precious pill. It’s known as “Easing Meridians Pill.”

“Easing Meridians Pill, what is that?”

“He he, it’s a type of pill that has never been seen before on Miluo Continent. It’s used to widen the meridian channels of low level martial artists.”

Once everyone heard what was said, everyone immediately exploded. “Is this real or fake? The meridian channels of martial artists is decided by the heavens. The only way they can gradually be widened is by advancing in rank. Even Murong family’s Cold Food Pill can only cause people to promote in cultivation levels. We’ve never heard of a pill that could widen martial artists’ meridian channels, ah!”

When the group of people at the front saw everyone’s astonished expressions, they felt even more proud of themselves for already having known, and laughed. “Of course it’s true. The first few days they opened for business, the people of influential families and the royal family hadn’t found out about the pill yet. I was fortunate enough to be able to buy a pill. Originally, I only took it to give it a try, and the result was that, after it widened my meridian channels, I also felt that my cultivation went up quite a bit. Not only this, but I also feel like my spiritual force revolves much faster now.”

“Moreover, this pill isn’t like Murong family’s Cold Food Pill, where you receive a boost for a little while and it fades away after a bit. I’ve been taking Easing Meridians Pill every single day, up until today, and my cultivation has been steadily upgrading. Easing Meridians Pill is much better than Cold Food pill!”

Once he said these words, everyone surrounded him suddenly shot envious or admiring looks towards him. This caused the smile on his face to grow even wider with pride.

When Hexi heard their words, she secretly said in her heart: She truly did refine a stove full of these first ranked pills. However, she hadn’t given them a name before handing them over to Xi San. It looks like the fellow gave them the name “Easing Meridians Pill”.

Although it wasn’t extremely pleasant to hear, it was a much better name than the name that Xi Jia and the others, that group of “unsophisticated” people, gave the pill, which was “Hercules Pill”. Hexi felt that Xi San really had the gift of naming things.


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