The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 450 Attracting High Level Martial Artists
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 450 Attracting High Level Martial Artists

“I’m willing! I’m willing! Why wouldn’t I be willing!” Suddenly filled with excitement, shopkeeper Zhou immediately said in response, “This subordinate was just wanting to ask gongzi if I could purchase some second ranked pills according to the market’s value. Although this subordinate is at Gold Core stage, my cultivation has always been unsteady. The pills refined by gongzi are practically magic elixirs to martial artists such as myself!”

Hexi was startled and left dumbfounded by shopkeeper Zhou’s confession, “If you want to take the pills, just directly take some from the supply. Why would you use some market value to buy them?”

Although she currently had more than a hundred million yuan crystals in her hand, she understood that the market for martial artists and knew that she doesn’t have enough to even be able to raise troops filled with Foundation Establishment stage martial artists.

But, even though she didn’t have much yuan crystals, she had an infinite supply of pills, so she would never be at a loss.

When she saw embarrassment show on shopkeeper Zhou’s face in response to her reply, she understood in her heart and muttered, “How about this, in the future, both you (shopkeeper Zhou) and Xi San are each entitled to withdraw three second ranked pills and five first ranked pills, everyday. In the future, if mass production of fourth and fifth ranked pills becomes a reality, you guys would also be able to similarly choose some out of the stock. Oh, and you guys are allowed to choose the best quality pills.”

“This will serve as your reward for your labor and an additional reward.”

These medicinal pills were helpful towards cultivation, however, taking too many pills would often prove to be more harmful than it was helpful. Therefore, she set a limit of three to five pills a day, this would give them plenty of pills, with some to spare.

When shopkeeper Zhou and Xi San heard Hexi’s words, they immediately felt overwhelmed with joy and repeatedly expressed their thanks toward Hexi.

But, shopkeeper Zhou quickly recalled Hexi’s earlier plan and immediately turned the subject back around. Smiling from ear to ear, he said, “Gongzi, I think your plan to attract Sheng De hall’s medicinal servants and guards using pills is feasible. If your conditions were spread out, the amount of common martial artists, at Foundation Establishment stage, that would come to line up would start from the eastern street to the western street.”

Hexi nodded her head and decided to hand over the preparation of these matters to Xi San and shopkeeper Zhou.

But, Hexi still had some worries.

These rewards would only attracted Foundation Establishment stage martial artists. At most, they would only be able to become the hired thugs and guards for the hall.

But, if an expert or someone with a lot of power came to provoke the hall, these guards wouldn’t be strong enough to keep them at bay.

Regarding Meridians stage and Gold Core stage martial artists, they weren’t impossible to attract either. Afterall, with money, you could do anything.

But on the other hand, Hexi didn’t have enough funds to pay them, and merely one or two bottles of pills wouldn’t be able to have those high level martial artists bowing their heads and taking orders.

Secondly, by attracting high level martial artists, they would naturally be guarding inside the inner hall. With these circumstances, it would be impossible for them not to touch upon Sheng De Hall or her own secrets. If there was a spy sent by another family in the midst of these guards, then all her secrets would be exposed and this was just too risky for Hexi.

Unlike her current situation, the guards in large, influential families usually began their training at a young age, under their (the family’s) watch, or they (the family) had some sort of handle on the guards that kept them from betraying them.

When shopkeeper Zhou heard Hexi’s concerns, he turned over to look at Gu Liufeng, but didn’t say anything.

But, Gu Liufeng, who had been quietly sitting to the side and listening, suddenly opened his mouth and said, “Young Xue’er, come follow me for a moment.”

Hexi didn’t think much of it and mindlessly followed Gu Liufeng downstairs and into Sheng De Hall’s rear courtyard. There, Gu Liufeng led her to a corner and suddenly took out a jade slip, slowly beginning to channel his spiritual power into it.

Soon, the jade slip began to glow with a soft light and a passageway, that could fit two people walking side by side, appeared in the corner that had originally been surrounded by three walls.

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