The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 454 I’m Very Disappointed In You Guys
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 454 I’m Very Disappointed In You Guys

While she was speaking, the purple vine unexpectedly transformed into five separate roots and went in the direction of the five people. “Don’t dawdle, it’d be better if all five of you went up at once. This way, we can avoid having you all go one at a time and my time won’t be wasted!”

When the five people heard what she had said, all of their expressions turned unsightly.

Hexi’s unbridled manner showed that she looked down upon them, in fact, she seemed to not even put them in her eyes.

Bai Chen and Mei Ru Yan both exchanged glances with each other. Soon after, Bai Chen let out an earth shattering scream and a large, golden knife suddenly appeared in his hands.

And Mei Ru Yan’s hands suddenly transformed into multi-colored silks, tightly encasing everyone in a bubble.

Bai Chen’s large knife was also covered by the multi-colored silks, facing toward Hexi as it whistled with cold air.

Similarly, Wei Da Shao and Zhang De Sheng each took out the weapons they were most proud of and stood to the side, closely watching the scene in front of them. If Hexi were to expose any hole on her end, they would immediately jump in and help.

Hexi looked at the sharp blade and the four satin fabrics flying toward her and to everyone’s surprise, she didn’t reveal fright. Instead, she had a leisurely smile on her face.

Her footing on the ground loosened a bit as she prepared herself. Moments later, her body lifted off the ground as she soared in the air.

The purple vine simultaneously flew into the air with her, choosing to revolve around her entire body. In regards to the weapons flying toward its owner, it merely let out two shrieks and Mei Ru Yan’s multi-colored silks immediately broke into pieces, falling apart.

Warm sunshine lay scattered across her peerlessly white, jade-like face, slightly blinding her gleaming, phoenix eyes. The pieces of the multi-colored silks danced in the breeze, surrounding her whilst they slowly drifted to the floor. This scene caused Hexi to look like an immortal fairy descending upon earth.

Bai Chen’s knife was still frozen in front of her face, mere inches away from pushing forward and forever scarring her. But what happened moments later caused him to turn stupefied, completely forgetting about harming Hexi.

This was because the youth that was just in front of him mere moments before suddenly disappeared without a trace. The only remaining pieces of evidence that the youth was there at all was Mei Ru Yan’s shocked face and the tattered remains of her silks still fluttering in the air.

As for that youth, who was the target of his sword, she was just like a fairy, coming to nimbly rest at the very tip of his knife.

She stood alone, looking down on him. Under her arrogant gaze, he found himself feeling lowly, as if he was someone without any power or ability to rebel against her.

To the side, Wei Da Shao and Zhang De Sheng were still feebly holding onto their weapons. For a moment, they couldn’t retreat nor could they advance, so they were left not knowing what to do.

Hexi stood on the edge of Chen Bai’s sword with one foot. Her expression was calm, as if she wouldn’t be caught off guard, regardless of any situation she faced. When she opened her mouth to speak, her voice was strong. “I’m very disappointed in you guys. If we were truly fighting, you guys would’ve already died multiple deaths under my hands.”

“However, you guys didn’t even recognize that your lives were circling around the entrance to the gates of hell.”

Once she finished speaking, she jumped into the air again before softly landing back on the ground.

Her black, satiny hair flew up when she did and softly fell back down once she landed. Her hair’s movement caused a faint aromatic smell to linger in the air, sending confusion into everyone’s mind and seducing their souls.

Gu Liufeng, who stood by her side, couldn’t help but press his temples and look away from her.

He worried that he would be unable to help himself if he kept looking… Scared that he would be unable to stop himself from merely wanting her by his side, from being unable to stop himself from letting her never leave, and from being unable to stop himself from gathering her in his embrace.

She was such a beautiful, dazzling, and unrivaled woman. It was no wonder that even His Highness King of Hell couldn’t free himself from her charms.

When Hexi landed on the ground, she coldly gazed at the stomachs of Bai Chen and the others.

Once Bai Chen returned to his senses, he curiously bowed his head to have a look at what Hexi was looking at. Once he caught sight of what was in front of him, his face transformed and was filled with shock.

This provoked everyone else’s curiousity, so they all looked down and saw that each of them had a purple mark on the left side of the chest. This was evidently the doing of the purple vine that was currently wrapped around Hexi’s hand.

It was clear that, if Hexi were to wish to kill them, she could’ve very easily caused them an unnatural death during their fight, just then. The death would’ve been so sudden that they wouldn’t have even had time to retaliate before it was over.


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