The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 455 First Meeting Gif
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 455 First Meeting Gif


Hexi withdrew her Purple Abyss Vine and smiled, “What? Is there still someone whose unwilling to accept?”

Suddenly, the second courtyard turned quiet and tranquil and even the sound of breathing couldn’t be heard anymore.

Bai Chen broke the silence by bending down on his knee and clearly saying, “Subordinate Bai Chen pays respects to Master!”

This time, his voice was willing and didn’t hold any traces of unwillingness or questions.

Although the youth in front of them was only at Foundation Establishment stage, she was actually able to leave all five of them, martial artists at Meridians stage, completely powerless. With this god-given talent and strength alone, she was fully qualified to be their Master.

Following Bai Chen’s lead, Mei Ru Yan, Wei Da Shao, Zhang De Sheng, and Zhou Huai’an all uniformly kneeled down and loudly said, “Paying respects to Master!”

Hexi nodded in response and asked each of them to repeat their jobs as well as the subordinates under them.

Her main focus at the moment was the troops that Bai Chen lead. After all, on Miluo Continent, one’s fist was what determined who got the last word.

As it turns out, the troops were made up of about fifty to sixty people. Among them, eighty percent were at Foundation Establishment stage and the remaining twenty percent were at the initial stage of Meridians stage.

The troops usually took missions from the blackmarket, this way, they earned profit and also, conveniently, promoted their strength. By now, they had become somewhat well-known in the blackmarket for their work.

Hexi said to Chen Bai, “Pick out four experts at Meridians stage and have them stand guard in Sheng De Hall for a period of time.”

Chen Bai replied, “Young Master has already informed me of this matter. This afternoon, those four people will report to Sheng De Hall, asking Master to rest assured.”

Hexi contemplated something for a moment before ultimately deciding to take a bottle of pills and threw them over to Bai Chen, instructing him, “This counts as compensation for your troops being short four people. Give this to people who are at high level Foundation Establishment stage. In under a year, they’ll be able to break through to Meridians stage.”

Chen Bai caught the bottle of pills and was just about to ask Hexi what these were for. But, when he heard what she said, he was suddenly speechless.

Coincidentally, Zhou Yan’an walked into the second courtyard at the same time and caught sight of Bai Chen’s speechless expression. Laughing, he said, “Chen xiong, you’ve received a large profit. The pills in your hand right now are top quality second ranked Ning Yuan pill. It’s the holy pill that’s the best for martial artists hoping to break through to Meridians stage. If this pill were to be brought to Sheng De Hall to be sold at a hundred thousand yuan crystals, people would still be breaking each others’ heads just to get one. I didn’t expect that you would get an entire bottle of these pills from gongzi for merely giving out four martial artists at Meridians stage!”

At first, Bai Chen’s face was wooden as he gripped the bottle of pills in his hand. Then after a moment, his face lit up with joy and he knelt down, “Many thanks to Master for bestowing these pills!”

Mei Ru Yan and the others all looked at the porcelain bottle in Chen Bai’s hands with envy. Each one of them wished to rush over there and snatch that bottle away from him.

None of them doubted that Hexi refined these pills themselves, but they also knew that it was impossible for someone merely at Foundation Establishment stage to refine a pill like this. After all, martial artists at that stage couldn’t even create their own spiritual fire, they could only rely on outside sources for a spiritual fire. Furthermore, if someone at that level were to refine a pill this method, refining a pill that had an essence purity of 60% or higher was impossible.

Hexi saw each person turn to look over at her. Under their burning gazes, she hesitated for a moment before taking out storage rings and throwing one at each of them. “We’ll consider these rings as today’s first meeting gift. In the future, work hard. Regardless of whether it’s pills or treasures, there’ll be many in store for you guys.”

After she finished speaking, she turned to Gu Liufeng and waved her hand. Their two figures flashed and two streaks could faintly be seen heading toward the transmission array.

Their abrupt departure was due to the fact that Gu You Lan’s drug addiction was soon going to flare up again. Hexi was racing back with Gu Liufeng in order to treat it.

The five people left behind silently watched Hexi’s departing figure. Hexi’s departure was so sudden it left them momentarily speechless. Soon after, someone used their divine knowledge to explore the storage ring and an “ai ya!” was heard soon after that. “So… So many treasures! There are even attack charms!”


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