The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 461 Want To Cut The Line? Impossible!
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 461 Want To Cut The Line? Impossible!

After coldly staring at Sheng De Hall for a long time, Doctor Chang suddenly began to make his way over to Sheng De Hall’s front desk.

Once he arrived in front of Zhou Yan’an, he lifted his chin and frostily demanded, “Bring me a bottle of best quality pills!”

Flabbergasted, Zhou Yan’an raised his head to look at the man who spoke. He was completely unfamiliar and before he had time to recognize him, the people lined up behind him already started to voice their complaints.

One by one the customers began to shout, “Who are you, ah? Don’t you see us all lined up?”

“Is it because you think you’re somebody, ah? Don’t you see that even the people from influential families are lined up as well?”

Doctor Chang didn’t get to say anything when Ji Sheng Hall’s shopkeeper Yu, who had followed behind him, angrily burst out, “Presumptuous! This is our Ji Sheng Hall’s Doctor Chang, a doctor that the Doctor’s Association recognized as a fourth ranked doctor. You guys actually want to be presumptuous toward a grand fourth ranked doctor?”

Once those words had been said, the shouting voices immediately quieted down.

Fourth ranked doctor… It was actually the same rank as Jin Ling’s first doctor. Moreover, the status of a doctor was quite particular. If someone offended a doctor, they would meet countless assassination attempts.

Doctor Chang looked at Zhou Yan’an and quietly coughed. “What? Shopkeeper Zhou, we’re both people who learn medicine. You wouldn’t even be willing to give me face and sell me some pills?”

Zhou Yan’an didn’t have time to voice his thoughts before Xi San interrupted the conversation and impolitely said, “Doctor Chang right? Truly embarrassing! My family’s Master already said, if you want to buy pills, you must wait in line for your turn. After all, the amount of pills we have is limited and there are a vast amount of customers. If we were to prioritize you and sell a bottle to you, it would be unjust toward the people all lining up, am I right?”

Xi San and Zhou Yan’an were different. Xi San had no concept of a doctor’s status.

Xi San only recognized one thing, which was that his family’s Young Miss was the most awesome. Whatever nonsense doctor wouldn’t even be fit to carry Hexi’s shoes.

Once Xi San’s words came out, the martial artists all lined up behind that were angry but didn’t dare to speak all felt incomparably carefree.

On the other hand, Doctor Chang’s face became extremely unsightly, but maintaining a doctor’s reputation stopped him from lashing out. All he could do was angrily fling his sleeves as he turned to leave.

Before he returned back to Ji Sheng Hall, he turned back around to look at everyone surrounding Sheng De Hall once last time and ground his teeth, inwardly saying, “Very good Sheng De Hall! You actually dare to slight me, so don’t blame me if I’m impolite! Later you’ll taste how it feels!”

Xi San disdainfully cast a glance at Doctor Chang’s exiting figure and turned to everyone to clearly say, “Everyone rest assured. We, Sheng De Hall, are a medicinal hall that sets out to aid the world and save the people. We believe in fairness. If anyone wants to walk in here and receive special treatment, you’ll have to see if our Sheng De Hall’s guards agree with you!”

Xi San’s speech lead to a burst of enthusiastic cheering from everyone.

Sheng De Hall had always promised fairness and equality, and over these past few days, they had consistently delivered on their promises.

Regardless of whether it was people of the Imperial family or aristocrats, whenever someone wanted to cut in line, Sheng De Hall’s guards were quick to lecture them. Even Gold Core stage martial artists weren’t an exception.

Holding such a strong position in fairness in equality would, no doubt, offend many influential people. However, Sheng De Hall remained calm in the face of fear and continued to stand upright. This attitude caused countless common martial artists to hold an extremely favorable impression of Sheng De Hall in their hearts. In the future, when others decide stand against Sheng De Hall, there would always be an overwhelming amount of support for Sheng De Hall.

But, this was something that would happen later.

»»————- ✼ ————-««

Three days after Doctor Chang had been angered into leaving, a group of angry people suddenly rushed into Sheng De Hall.

Before giving everyone time to react, the leader of the angry group ruthlessly overturned the front desk.

The rest of the people in the group pushed everyone aside and shouted, “Move aside! Move aside! Have you not seen who has arrived? Open your eyes, it’s our Murong family’s Third Young Master!”


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