The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 466 Nalan Family’s Thoughts
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 466 Nalan Family’s Thoughts

Chapter 452 Nalan Family’s Thoughts

In reality, Hexi wasn’t actually at Nascent Soul stage, but she did have Wu Xin, her personal guard, that was at Nascent Soul stage.

She had Wu Xin pour intense spiritual power into a jade slip. This type of pressure from spiritual power contained a Nascent Soul stage’s power within it.

However, common martial artists’ mind states were completely different from martial artists’ at Nascent Soul stage, even if the martial artist was at Gold Core stage. Therefore, it would be impossible for them to fight against the pressure from a Nascent Soul stage’s spiritual power.

But, Hexi was not the ordinary martial artist. She had a Primal Chaos Dantian which, in itself, naturally had spiritual power that far surpassed common martial artists. Adding onto the fact that her divine knowledge was especially strong and her mental strength had been trained in the Zijin Palace. So, if she wished to offset the pressure Wu Xin’s spiritual power gave her, it was quite simple for her.

Briefly releasing the pressure in front of that crowd would be sufficient enough to send fear into those martial artists’ hearts, and for a short amount of time, it would prevent people from intentionally provoking Sheng De Hall.

»»————- ✼ ————-««

Nalan Manor, Study Room.

At this moment, the study room only had two people inside; Nalan Zhengze and Nalan family’s Third Elder, Nalan Cheng Ming who was sitting opposite to him. The atmosphere inside the study was extremely still.

In front of the two people, there was a best quality Repairing Spirit Pill that had just been bought by a subordinate from Sheng De Hall.

With a grave expression, Nalan Cheng Ming picked up the pill and said, “You’re certain that this pill and that sl**… Cough, and the ones that woman left behind are the same?”

Nalan Zhengze shook his head and replied, “Not entirely. This pill’s essence purity and spiritual power is higher than the ones An Ling Yue left behind, but the smell both pills contain are very similar.”

Nalan Cheng Ming ground his teeth. “Could that woman have truly left behind a prescription for others? But that would be impossible, near the time of her death, she had been closely monitored by us!”

“Or could it be that that child, which had been unaccounted for at that time, had received all of An Ling Yue’s remnants?”

Nalan Zhengze shook his head and with a heavy voice he asked, “Asking Third Elder to help investigate this Sheng De Hall’s master’s identity. You* also know that First Elder never came back after going to Sealed Dragon Domain’s Secret Territory. Nowadays, I can only trust you*, Third Elder!”

When he thought about Nalan Yan Ming going missing in Sealed Dragon Domain’s Secret Territory, Nalan Cheng Ming’s face held annoyance. “Now, the only remaining Gold Core stage martial artists in Nalan family are you and I. If we continue on like this, how will we maintain our position as one of the four biggest families?”

“You’re the clan head, do you think there’s anyway to revive Nalan family? If there isn’t, I think it’s better to abdicate.”

Nalan Zhangze felt his forehead throbbing. His eyes turned overcast and ruthless ways of light flashed through it.

But by the time he raised his head, his expression had turned humble, he looked like someone from a younger generation who dutifully listened to the teachings of older generations. “Thanking Third Elder’s instructions, I’ve already thought it through. In a few days, Zi Yun complete his studies in his sect and return. When that time comes, I will bring Hexi back, who lives in Bie courtyard, and let the pair of brother and sister have a reunion!”

Nalan Cheng Ming’s eyebrows rose and soon after, he let out a meaningful laugh. “That’s right, they’re brother and sister, naturally we must have them properly reunited. Perhaps we’ll be able to discover something then!”

However, once his mind wandered to the state of Nalan family, Nalan Cheng Ming’s smiling expression immediately disappeared and he became resentful. “If you want your position as clan head to remain steady, it’s best for you to retrieve that woman’s prescriptions and works as soon as possible. Otherwise, he he…”

“At that time, you couldn’t treat Ouyang Haoxuan’s illness and even vowed that nobody would be able to treat it. Then, you withdrew from the marriage agreement Third Miss had with him. In the end, Ouyang Haoxuan is fully recovered from his illness today and his strength is especially vigorous. Now, everyone in Yan Jing city laughs that your divine doctor identity doesn’t match reality.”

*He’s saying you respectfully
Translator Note adjusting back to my normal timezone is so hard… especially because China’s timezone is exactly opposite to my normal one 😓


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