The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 471 Little Boy
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 471 Little Boy

WARNING this chapter is somewhat graphic and contains upsetting content/topics; read at your own risk.

. . . . . . .

In the beginning, the pitiful kids were still able to scream and howl in pain. But as time went on, all their blood had flowed out and their faces were pale, they were no longer able to speak and in the midst of all the pain, they lost their lives.

But even at this state, those uncivilized brutes still didn’t let them off.

While their corpses were still warm, those uncivilized brutes cut off pieces of their flesh, in practiced motions, and threw them into another basin. If there was still a few drops of blood, they would carefully let it drip into the blood filled basin before throwing the flesh into the second one.

The entire process seemed extremely practiced, it almost felt as if they were machinery. It looked like an assembly line at a factory and felt like they had done this a hundred thousand times before.

When all of the children had been taken care of, those uncivilized brutes let out a few devilish laughs. They then turned around to walk toward the cages full of children.

The children all moved backward in their cages, pushing themselves against the back of the cage walls in an attempt to hide themselves. They let out mournful shrieks, trying to evade this miserable destiny.

But when those brutes heard the children’s screams, it seemed to add to their happiness. One of the brutes grabbed onto a five or six year old little girl and held her up. Holding onto her legs, he held her completely upside down while examining her. As he did so, he burst into giddy laughter, “Look at this little girl’s tender flesh. When all her blood has dripped out and we’ve finished skinning her, let’s roast her meat and eat it. It must be the world’s finest delicacy.”

“Mine isn’t that bad either!” Another one of the men grabbed onto a four year old boy’s collar. In one motion, he took the boy’s clothes off. Swallowing his saliva, he commented, “Look how tender his flesh is. If we use it to cook stew this meat will certainly be tasty and soft, it’ll be a delicacy.”

When the two children heard their words they became even more terrified and began to loudly cry. They struggled to get out, but they looked like chicks in an eagle’s talons, what possibility could they have of escaping?

The two people who captured the children burst into loud laughter. They looked at the children’s struggling appearances and seemed to get immense satisfaction from it.

Suddenly, one of the men felt a sharp pain on their lower leg. Following this, the little boy he had been holding in the air was snatched away.

The uncivilized brute angrily lowered his head to look at who had done it and quickly looked into a pair of fierce eyes that resembled those of wolf cubs.

All he saw was a boy that was roughly eight or nine years old. He wore tattered clothes and his whole face was full of mud and dust.

The sharp pain he had felt just then had come from this boy’s teeth biting his leg. The boy then took advantage of the fact that he was distracted and quickly snatched the little boy out of his grip.

“You son of a bi***, are you impatient of living? You actually dare to bite me*?”

Soon after, the uncivilized brute raised his palm and ruthlessly swung at the boy’s face. All that was heard was a loud ‘pa’ sound as the little boy was thrown back into the cage with a bleeding mouth.

But, like before, he still glared at the uncivilized man without a hint of cowering in his eyes.

He even hid three children behind him. Painted on his face was a look of fierceness, displaying that he wasn’t afraid to die.

“Very good!” The man was provoked by the look in his eyes and sneered at him. “Since you want to court death, I’ll help you become a dried corpse.”

As he was speaking, he crouched down and ruthlessly dragged the boy out of the cage.

The three children hidden behind the boy started to wail, crying out “gege.” Using all of their strength, they held onto the boy’s clothes in a desperate attempt to prevent him from being taken away.

However, how could their strength compare to the uncivilized man? The little boy was very quickly picked up like a chick and dragged out of the cage.

“Smelly boy, soon you’ll know the result of offending me… Ao (sound of a wail)–!! Smelly boy, you actually dared to scratch me!”

Soon after, five bloody marks appeared on the man’s face and he felt a painful ache coming from his face.

The man’s sorry state brought on all of his companions’ laughter, filling the entire room with their chuckles. “Chen Laosi, the longer you live, the dumber you become! You can’t even handle a little brat!”

*He’s saying me arrogantly


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