The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 474 Losing Business Deal?
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 474 Losing Business Deal?

Gu Liufeng was startled when he heard Hexi’s words, then he thought about Hexi’s life. His eyes gleamed and he heavily nodded his head.

Since his blood was so filthy, he should personally go destroy the source of this filthy blood!

Hexi let the Purple Abyss Vine loose to clean up any people still alive in this basement and prepared to leave.

Just as they were ascending the stairs, a child’s clear voice sounded from behind them. “Elder Brother, can we follow you guys out?”

Hexi turned back around and saw the same little boy that had just taken a knife and hacked at the old man. His small head was tilted up as he looked at them with stubborn eyes.

Standing behind the boy were quite a few children, but in their eyes, there was cowardice. They were like the little tail behind the little boy.

Gu Liufeng looked over at Hexi and didn’t say anything.

Hexi was now his Master, naturally these situations would be handled as she saw fit.

Both of Hexi’s hands wrapped around her chest. She coldly looked at the little boy and asked, “Why would I allow you to follow me?”

“Because… Because I can help you when I grow up.” When the boy first started out, he nervously stuttered, but as he continued making his point, he became more and more confident. His eyes were wide open and they reflected determination, “We, we can give our bodies to you (in a working sense). We’ll work for you in the future!”

“Moreover, I’m aware that outside this prison there is a large courtyard. Even if we wished to run we wouldn’t be able to. We need to follow you guys because you guys are very strong.”

Gu Liufeng considered for a moment before softly saying to Hexi, “These children are the results of Murong family’s evil doings. I want to return them back to their mothers and fathers’ sides.”

When Gu Liufeng saw Hexi nod at his idea, he then turned to address the children, “You guys should first obediently wait here. When we finish sorting out all our matters, we’ll come back to fetch you. From there, we’ll work on sending you back to your mothers and fathers’ sides.”

The distant kids, who were originally scared, cried tears of joy when they heard Gu Liufeng’s announcement. Some even went as far as to kowtow toward Gu Liufeng and Hexi.

They didn’t know how many days had passed since they had been captured, but they had long given up all hope. They thought they wouldn’t have the chance to see their relatives anymore in this lifetime. But who would’ve known that they would be able to come back from death’s door. Not could they escape this fate, but they also had the chance to return to their families again.

After the children relaxed, they couldn’t help but all hug each other and cry.

Gu Liufeng felt a headache coming and rubbed his head. He was just about to pull Hexi and leave when he heard the same little boy start speaking again, “We don’t have a family, nor do we have a place to return to. We only wish to follow Elder Brother. Begging Elder Brother to bring us along!”

Hexi’s eyebrows jumped and her eyes showed traces of astonishment.

The children at the very back were joyously crying because they were going to return back to their mothers and fathers. But the boy at the very front, as well as a few of the children standing directly behind him, had completely clear eyes. There wasn’t a bit of envy or timidness in their eyes.

Hexi used her Divine Knowledge to sweep over these few childrens’ bodies and discovered that their aptitudes weren’t bad.

The worst child had three spiritual roots. The best one was that little boy, he actually had dual attributes of wind and fire. Not only that, his spiritual root’s essence purity was quite high.

Hexi hugged her chest, “Right now you guys are useless. If I took you in, I would have to feed and clothe you. Wouldn’t this be a losing business deal?”

At once, the little boy refuted her words, “After we’ve become strong we can give our lives to you. It doesn’t matter what you want us to do, we’ll do anything!”

Hexi sneered at him, “How do I know whether or not you’re able to become strong? If I was to raise you until you’re older and you turn out to be a group of thankless wretches, wouldn’t I be eating a big loss then?”

“We… We aren’t thankless wretches! We are good children! We’ll listen to you!” The children behind the little boy weakly retorted Hexi’s questions.


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