The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 479 Battle Puppe
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 479 Battle Puppe


However, Gu Yidao seemed to have completely lose consciousness and looked as if he didn’t even hear Gu Liufeng’s voice.

With the knife in his hand lifted and all the spiritual power he had in him channeled into it, he faced Gu Liufeng and ruthlessly hacked in his direction.

In the moment of life and death, Hexi’s figure appeared, like a demon, beside Gu Liufeng’s body. In one swift motion, she dragged him behind her body.

At the same time, the purple vine came out and blocked Gu Yidao’s blow.

Hexi looked back to see Gu Liufeng’s dazed expression and couldn’t help but coldly remind him, “What are you still dazed about Gu Liufeng? Gu Yidao has already is already being controlled by him. Do you want Murong Feng to have his way?”

When Gu Liufeng had been scolded by Hexi, he suddenly returned to his senses.

Sure enough, he saw that Gu Yidao’s movements were sluggish and his eyes were vacant. Not only this, he also saw that he was clearly at Gold Core stage, yet he wasn’t able to display that strength. It was clear that he had been controlled. Moreover, it wasn’t just an ordinary control over a slave.

Gu Liufeng tightened his fists. He didn’t expect that the jiu jiu he had intentionally sent to the outskirts to recuperate would ultimately end up in Murong Feng’s hands.

No wonder he hadn’t received any replies from Gu Yidao after sending multiple letters after he had rescued his Mother.

When Murong Feng saw Gu Liufeng seething was anger, he couldn’t help but laugh and sneer at him, “Do you wish to know how I captured this man? When he heard that you were imprisoned by me, he foolishly ran over here to rescue you, all by himself. In the end, he just happened to have gotten into the black law protector’s hands. Ha ha ha… Death was near from him, yet this man was still yelling out your names (Gu Liufeng & his Mother’s). That type of manner is truly nauseating!”

“But, that’s all in the past. Nowadays he’s my puppet. If I order him to kill people, he’ll kill people. If I tell him to go die, he’ll go die.”

When he finished speaking, the spiritual power in his body flowed out and he coldly ordered Gu Yidao, “Go and kill those two for me! Don’t be stingy with your life, fight as if your life depends on it!”

When Gu Yidao heard Murong Feng’s words, he looked like a puppet that had just been switched on. The knife in his hand raised and he ruthlessly chopped down at Gu Liufeng.

Gu Liufeng raised his long sword several times to retaliate, but when he saw his jiu jiu’s face, he couldn’t help but lower his sword again and blindly evade his attacks. All the while he was shouting out, “Jiu jiu, I’m Liufeng ah! Quickly wake up!”

“Ha ha ha, wake up? Don’t dream!” Murong Feng loudly laughed, “Who let him have such bad luck and made him bump into the black law protector? Nowadays he’s long since already lost his soul and become a mindless battle puppet. It’s better if you wait until your next lifetime for him to wake up. Ha ha ha…”

Gu Liufeng looked at Murong Feng with scarlet red eyes and pounced on him, “Murong Feng, you brute! I’m going to kill you!!”

However, a knife quickly cut horizontally in front of him, blocking his road.

Gu Yidao was fighting like his life was on the line. Unless Gu Liufeng moved to kill him, he would be unable to forcefully make him withdraw.

Gu Liufeng’s heart was filled with discontentment and hatred, but he couldn’t vent his feelings. It caused him to want to dismember Murong Feng into a thousand pieces.

Suddenly, he heard Hexi’s clear and cold voice sound out from beside him, “I’m stalling Gu Yidao, you go capture Murong Feng. Regardless of what disease it is, capture the person and clearly look into it before making any other decision. If you act so impulsive and don’t form a plan, aren’t you just falling right into Murong Feng’s calculations?”

Gu Liufeng heaved a sigh and the anger and franticness in his heart slowly washed away and he became serene.

That’s right, he had Xi Yue by his side. As long as Xi Yue’s here, jiu jiu had a chance to be saved!

Even if jiu jiu’s soul was lost and he was unable to recover, he will certainly make Murong Feng, that brute, pay the price.


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