The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 481 Unworthy To Be Called A Person
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 481 Unworthy To Be Called A Person

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“Murong Feng, you’re such a brute, yet you actually still dare to call yourself my Father?! I see that you’re really unworthy of being called a person!!”

Murong Feng’s eyes were red due to Gu Liufeng. He seemed like he had seen an evil spirit and had been scared out of his wits. His body could only recoil backwards.

But, he suddenly seemed to have thought of something. He raised his voice and said, “Even if these scenarios are true, so what? It can’t change the fact that I’m your Father.”

“The blood flowing in your body is my blood. The skin on your body was something I gave you! Would you be alive on this world without me?”

“I can treat you however I want to treat you, these are the rights I’m privy to. If you were to kill me, you would be branded with the accusation of patricide. You wouldn’t be able to wash this crime off your body in your whole lifetime. In the future, you’d face Heaven’s wrath, ha ha ha…”

Yes, Heaven’s wrath!

During their promotion, every martial artist had to overcome their own demons. The higher the martial artists’ cultivation was, the stronger their demons were.

At the moment, Gu Liufeng was at the summit of Gold Core stage. Sooner or later he would have to face the point at which he broke through to Nascent Soul stage. At that time, his crime of patricide would most likely become his scariest demon.

When Murong Feng thought of this point, he thought he had figured out Gu Liufeng’s fatal weakness. He suddenly burst into laughter and was unable to continue arrogantly spewing words.

“There’s also that sl** Gu Youlan. I allowed her the chance to hand the things over, but she actually didn’t agree to living or dying. She even wanted to elope with another man. Ha ha ha… But can she run away?”

“What chastity does she have in front of my face? In the end, she ate the Cold Food pill and turned into a sl**. In order to obtain a Cold Food Pill, she obediently knelt in front of me and licked my leg, begging me to hand one over to her. Even when I sent her to the black law protector, she still obediently lied under three men and moaned. Ha ha ha… No wonder she bore such a disgraceful, lowly breed of person like you, she’s a loose woman!”

Gu Liufeng suddenly extended his arm out to ruthlessly pinch Murong Feng’s neck. His eyes were bloody red and the veins on his hand became prominent.

Murong Feng’s eyeballs protruded out when he was pinched by Gu Liufeng. Challenging words still spit out from his mouth, “You dare… Patricide… Heaven’s wrath…”

Slender, white jade carved hands softly pressed down on Gu Liufeng’s veiny hand. A pure cold voice quietly said, “Gu Liufeng, don’t be impulsive, I still have things to ask him.”

Gu Liufeng took a deep breath before releasing his hand.

Murong Feng fell to the floor with a loud bang. He let out a lung splitting cough and still continued to rain down curses on Gu Liufeng, “Unfilial son… Bast***… Hai hai, you’re disgraceful, you don’t deserve a good death… Hai hai…”

He still hadn’t finished speaking when a purple vine came out from Hexi’s hands and ran over to Murong Feng, ruthlessly whipping his face.

Murong Feng let out a brief shriek and looked at Hexi with bitter eyes. He opened his mouth and started speaking, “You—”

He didn’t get to finish his words before the purple vine struck at his face again, followed by a loud ‘pa’ sound.

Then, the sound of vomiting came after as Murong Feng spit out blood and several shattered teeth. If you looked at him right now, you would see his face full of alarm.

Hexi lightly laughed and warned, “If you curse myself or Gu Liufeng again, I won’t mind completely knocking all your teeth out.”

Murong Feng’s entire body shook and he felt a scorching hot pain emerge on his face. After a long time passed, he rushed to Hexi and angrily yelled, “I’m warning you guys, you… If you guys kill me, you’ll regret it later on. If you guys killed me, you wouldn’t be able to run away…”

Hexi’s face filled with contempt and she sneered at him, cutting him off, “We’ll regret it? Based on your Murong manor, that can’t even be seen publicly? O? Or is it based on Murong Hai and Murong Zhangfeng who have both turned into watery blood in Sealed Dragon Domain’s Secret Territory?”


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