The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 482 Black Law Protector
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 482 Black Law Protector

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At first, Murong Feng turned completely blank. Then, his face greatly changed. Despite the fact that he was bound together, he still threw himself at Hexi. “You… You know how they both died? Was it you that killed them? Sl**, exactly what kind of person are you?”

When Murong Feng uttered these words, the purple vine suddenly perked up and firmly landed a slap on Murong Feng’s face. This time, Murong Feng’s nose was fractured, causing him to start screaming in pain.

Hexi coldly said, “Right now, it’s I who’s interrogating you. You say that we won’t be able to run.. Who’s the person behind Murong family? Is it the person who wears that gray cloak?”

At first, Murong Feng was still letting out miserable screams, but when he heard the last part of Hexi’s question, he became startled. “You… How could you know? You’ve seen him?”

Suddenly, he seemed to have thought of something and his face greatly changed, “That night, the black law protector’s feeling of someone spying in the manor, that was you wasn’t it?”

“You… Exactly what type of person are you? You’re clearly at Foundation Establishment stage, yet you’re able to evade the black law protector’s probing. The black law protector is an expert at Nascent Soul stage, nobody can evade him…”

“Black law protector?” Hexi knit her brow, “He’s the same person who also holds Gi Yidao’s soul?”

“That’s right.” Murong Feng clenched his teeth before saying, “The black law protector has a Refining Soul Banner on him, it’s an extremely difficult to deal with magic weapon. That Gu Yidao overestimated himself and ran over here to rescue Murong Linfeng, that animal… Consequently, he had been sacrificed by the black law protector to his banner and had his soul refined.”

“Since his soul has been completely taken away, Gu Yidao can be considered a mortal. Then why is he a puppet now?”

Murong Feng’s face held hesitation, he didn’t wish to reveal this. But he saw the purple vine, in Hexi’s hand, perking up and became scared again.

He could steal an unbearable pain bursting from his face and was scared out of his wits, so he promptly answered, “I’ll speak! I’ll speak! The black law protector has a Mister Liao by his side whose an expert at the technique of refining puppets. He frequently snatches good looking boys and girls, after picking and mending them, their souls would go to the black law protector’s Refining Soul Banner. All that they would be left with would be one soul in their body*.”

“A body with only one soul won’t die, but it would lose wisdom and become muddleheaded. Mister Liao uses this special method to refine people into puppets and leave them by their side. Gu Yidao is a battle puppet that I paid a high cost for Mister Liao to personally come help me turn him into one.”

“All the people that were refined into puppets are unable to return to their normal state. Even if the puppet restriction was removed, they would just become muddleheaded, like an idiot, for their entire lifetime…”

“I’ll kill you–!!” Murong Feng’s words made Gu Liufeng turn berserk. His entire person was practically about to pounce on Murong Feng and ruthlessly tear this sickening, callous, and selfish man apart.

Hexi grabbed Gu Liufeng to stop him and lowered her head to look at Murong Feng, “What’s the origin of the black law protector? Where does the Cold Food flower come from?”

When Hexi initially entered this room, she spotted beautiful and tender Cold Food flowers being raised.

Cold Food flowers looked extremely similar to poppies, but these “poppies” had a much larger build than the ones in Hexi’s past life. Not only that, the flower’s fragrance was strong and the flower itself held a darkness around it. It was clearly a spirit plant connected to darkness.

First, Hexi used a hoarding pouch to collect the flower, before she stored it away in her space. When she finished, she came over just in time to see Gu Yidao holding knife as he was just about to strike at Gu Liufeng.

She was very curious about this Cold Food flower. It was a plant connected to such a large amount of darkness, so Hexi could easily guess that such a plant would be impossible to find on Miluo Continent nowadays, let alone nurturing it until it bloomed.

*At the time it was believed that people had 7 (the number varies) souls. People with the correct amount of souls were “normal”, any less would mean that the person wasn’t (for example, someone who had autism would supposedly have less than 7 souls)


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