The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 496 Inhumane Smelly Old Man
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 496 Inhumane Smelly Old Man

By the time he reacted and lifted his head to look at the doorway, he couldn’t help but let out a cry of surprise, “Xi.. Xi Yue?! You’re back?”

After uttering these words, Gu Liufeng actually looked frightened. He looked at the sorry figure of Xi Yue in front of him and inevitably felt like he was staring at a dangerous animal.

That’s right, right now Xi Yue was truly a sorry figure. All her clothes were tattered and torn and even the top of her head was coated in dust. Her originally satin-like hair now resembled a bird’s nest.

And her face was somewhat unsightly. Her eyes were deep set and she looked tired. Her phoenix eyes seemed to hold a colder light than what she had ten days prior.

Gu Liufeng strode forward and worriedly welcomed her back, “Xi Yue, you’re fine right? Where have you been? Your Master instructed you to practice…”

“Don’t mention that inhumane old man to me!”

Hexi spit each word out, one by one and the cold air surrounding her seemed to grow more gloomy the moment her Master was mentioned.

Gu Liufeng lowered his voice and couldn’t help but softly ask, “What did he do?”

“He he, what did he do?” Hexi bit her teeth and chillingly said, “He threw me in the middle of a sword fight, inside… Inside is entirely filled with swords emanating the qi of Gold Core and Nascent Soul stage martial artists.”

“Then, he told me that I was to go inside and train. He said that after one day, he would take me out and I was to work on making sure my spiritual power wasn’t depleted and that I wasn’t hit by any swords during that time.”

“In the end, one day passed, then two… And finally ten and that old man still hadn’t appeared. I was stuck in the sword fight for ten days and nights, I went without food and sleep. I was forced to constantly block the sword’s attacks.”

“Not only that, the longer I stayed there, the more those swords tore up the mountains and rocks. Everyday, dust and sand flew around. I couldn’t even open my eyes and every breath I took filled my lungs with dust and sand… Just a little bit more and I would’ve suffocated to death…”

Speaking up to here, Hexi’s face twisted and a raging flame appeared in her eyes as she swore, “Smelly old man, just you wait. The next time I get my hands on you, I’ll give all the fine wine and delicious food to the pig, right in front of your face! I’ll let you see but not taste, smell but not drink, just you wait!”

Gu Liufeng lowly coughed twice and covered his mouth to stifle his laughter. “Hai hai… Xi Yue, I do feel like, even though you haven’t advanced in rank, your power and killing spirit has greatly increased. How did you escape from the sword fight?”

One had to know that the swords never stopped swinging. Even if Hexi wanted to get some food from her space, she was completely unable to find the opportunity.

If she loosened for even a second, she could’ve been chopped in half. The torture and hardship from these ten days were obvious.

Hexi played down her situation, but shock still appeared in Gu Liufeng’s expression. However, his shock quickly disappeared. “No wonder I’ve always felt that your cultivation wasn’t lower than mine, it appears that you can already fight against Nascent Soul and Gold Core stage martial artists.”

“Little Yue’er, are you certain that you could win against someone at Gold Core stage now?”

Hexi frowned then nodded her head, “If they’re at high-level Gold Core stage or below, I’m confident that I’ll be able to best them. If they’re at the summit of Gold Core stage, it’s no question that I’d at least escape in one piece.”

“How did I get out?” Hexi unhappily answered, “Obviously I fought against hundreds of swords before rushing out of the sword fight? Don’t tell me you thought that I would allow myself to be trapped in there and die of thirst or starvation?”


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