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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 500 Sweethear


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“When you’re younger, it won’t be clear, but when you’re older or perhaps when your water attribute is promoted, you may find it hard to even walk.”

Anxious, the disciple immediately asked, “Xi gongzi, are there anyways to help me?”

“That is very easy.” Hexi faintly smiled, “All you have to do is gather cassia twig, achyranthes root, earthworm, qin nai, rhizoma atractylodis, and immortal spirit. Then, boil all of these ingredients until it becomes medicinal juice, it’s best if you have someone whose an expert in the fire attribute to come do this for you. Then, each time you practice your water attribute, spread it onto the afflicted areas. After a long time, the dampness in your joints will be removed and you won’t feel pain anymore.”

When the disciple heard her orders, he felt overjoyed and repeatedly thanked Hexi.

Hexi’s response caused the rest of Qing Xia Sect’s disciples to be unable to wait anymore, at once, they all started asking her questions.

“Xi gongzi, after my daily meditation, my chest always hurts and I feel nauseous, do you know why this could be happening?”

“Xi gongzi, I have an old father whose now fifty-three. A few years prior, his body was well, but these past two years, he frequently feels dizzy and sleepy, do you know why this…”

“Xi gongzi… Xi gongzi…”

Shen Sen looked at the group of youngsters surrounding Hexi and intimately calling out her name and didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

However, what left him the most amazed at was that these disciples questions were of all sorts of problems, and each one was odd and suspicious. Even their Qing Xia Sect’s fourth ranked doctors weren’t able to cure them. However, this youth in front of him, which looked nothing more than sixteen or seventeen years old, was able to answer each one that came her way.

The youth’s voice was mild and elegant, and he spoke clearly. His black and white eyes were clear and calm, causing people to inexplicably want to trust him.

He was such a remarkable man, no wonder Chuo’er would be so captivated and think of him so much.

Although his cultivation was still quite low, he was still young. And if they were going to compare minds, his beat Chuo’er’s many times over. If you think about it a little, it’ll one day shine.

Shen Sen cast a glance at his niece and saw that her eyes were glued onto Xi gongzi’s figure. Her expression contained shyness and cowardice, when he saw this, he couldn’t help but tease, “I say, Chuo’er, isn’t this the sweetheart you missed and longed for over these few months and days? Now that you’ve finally met again, why aren’t you going up and speaking to him?”

Shen Qingchuo shyly buried her face in her hands and mumbled, “Xiao shushu, how could you say such nonsense? What sweetheart? If Xi gongzi hears of this, I’ll lose so much face ah!”

Shen Sen burst out in laughter. By now, the group had already reached their destination.

Shen Sen and the rest of them handed over their invitation to the guard, who immediately turned respectful upon seeing it. Soon after, he nodded his head and another guard appeared. His head was bent and he lead them to their seats of honor.

Hexi was the last one to hand over her invitation card. The guard in charge of checking over the invitations was originally carelessly doing so, but his expression soon turned grave. He held her invitation in his hand and refused to hand it back to Hexi.

“Is there a problem with my invitation?”

The guard looked at Hexi then turned to look at Shen Sen and everyone else waiting for her and hesitation appeared on his face.

His eyes immediately turned back to her and he laughed, “Gongzi’s invitation card has a problem, I need someone to come verify it for me. Asking gongzi to please wait a moment.”

After saying this, the guard secretly motioned to his companions before quickly exiting.

Those guards’ manners looked unconscious, but they quickly formed a semicircle around her, stopping her from exiting the lobby.

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