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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 501 Murderer

A few moments later, that guard came back, but this time, he had seven or eight martial artists following behind him. Each of the martial artists were at Gold Core stage.

The person heading the martial artists had a bearded face, making it hard to tell his age. However, his cultivation had already reached the summit of Gold Core stage.

His tiger eyes carried a trace of chilliness as he directly stared at Hexi. His voice was quiet as he asked, “You’re Xi Yue?”

“That’s right.”

That martial artist immediately waved his hand and sternly ordered, “Capture her for me!”

Right after he said this, those martial artists behind him charged forward and surrounded Hexi.

And at some unknown guards, some of the temporary residence’s guards had come and formed another vague circle around the seven or eight martial artists.

Hexi frowned and asked, “I got my invitation from Ouyang Jiangjun and came to participate in the hunting competition, may I please ask what’s the meaning of all this?”

That martial artists scoffed and lowly said, “Brazen traitor, you committed such a grave crime, and you actually dare to run here. You walked right into a trap, I see that you’re impatient to live.”

After saying this, he faced the shocked martial artists standing nearby and cupped his hands together. With a clear voice, he announced, “Jin Ling’s Emperor’s personal guard, Luo Yingchi, has provided a secret imperial degree to capture the culprit who murdered the Third Prince Shangguan Rui.”

“Xi Yue, your crime of murdering the Third Prince Shangguan Rui in the Sealed Dragon Domain’s Secret Territory has already been publicly announced, do you have anything else to say?”

The light in Hexi’s eyes faintly turned cold and chilliness slipped across her eyes, but she didn’t lose her head.

“You guys say that I murdered Third Prince Shangguan Rui, but do you have evidence?”

If she didn’t remember incorrectly, Shangguan Rui should be the first pitiful victim of Feng Lian Ying’s Five Elements Blood Coagulating Pill.

Yet, how come the crime of killing Shangguan Rui has now been put onto her head?

It seems like her coming to participate in the hunting competition had already been calculated by her opponent.

He he, Feng Lian Ying, you’re sinister enough. You stealing my achievements, I won’t speak of, but you actually dare to put your crime of killing someone onto my head.

The bearded martial artist coldly snorted, “The Emperor’s secret imperial degree is proof. Come people, quickly seize him for me!”

Seeing that Hexi had been surrounded by the seven or eight Gold Core stage martial artists and that she was already in the position of an easy target, Shen Qingchuo felt extremely worried.

Shen Qingchuo anxiously said, “Xiao shushu, how can they trap Xi Yue and kill him? We should quickly go and help Xi Yue.”

Shen Sen knit his brows and answered, “This is Jin Ling country’s affair. We’re visitors, if we recklessly get involved, bad things can happen. It would be better if we lay low and watch the situation before thinking of ways to help Xi gongzi escape…”

“If we lay low and watch, Xi gongzi will be hurt by them!” Shen Qingchuo was on the verge of tears, “Xiao shushu, you… If you have a heart of stone and don’t wish to help, it’s fine, I… I’ll go help Xi gongzi myself…”

After she said this, she ignored the crowd and recklessly charged over.

Shen Sen helplessly watched on. He saw as Shen Qingchuo neared the martial artists and was just about to start opposing them. He was left with no other alternative but to step forward and use his spiritual pressure to heavily say, “What’s going on?”

The several Gold Core stage martial artists were reduced to trembles by Shen Sen’s voice that carried spiritual pressure. The surrounding guards were even more unable to stand it and they recoiled a few steps back.

When the bearded martial artists saw Shen Sen, his originally arrogant expression turned respectful and flattering, “Elder Shen, this subordinate didn’t notice you* here. This subordinate has alarmed you*, I’m truly sorry.”

Shen Sen’s expression remained indifferent and his tone remained light as he slowly said, “This Xi Yue is related to our Qing Xia Sect and even arrived with us. Why would he been stopped here by guards?”

*He’s saying it respectfully


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