The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 506 One Witness
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 506 One Witness

The person sitting in the second seat on the left was Qixing Palace’s Elder Xia. The person sitting on the second seat on the right was Water Moon Sect’s Elder Han.

Behind these four Nascent Soul stage martial artists, there were also each sect’s respective younger generations. Most of these people were at Gold Core stage with a handful of them even being at Meridians stage. And behind the sects were several representatives of small sects and families of different countries. Most of these people were at the summit of Gold Core stage.

Naturally, apart from the sects and families, there were also other scattered martial artists who had high enough cultivation levels to be invited.

In Jin Ling Country, apart from the Hell King, his highness Nangong Yu, the person with the highest cultivation was merely at the summit of Gold Core stage. There wasn’t even any martial artists at Nascent Soul stage.

So, when Shangguan Wenji faced this group of people, he felt like he was sitting on pins and needles.

But when he met Feng Yunjing’s gaze, he steeled himself and faced Hexi, who was standing beneath him. Raising his voice, he questioned, “Brazen Xi Yue, someone has accused you of killing my prince in Sealed Dragon Domain. Do you recognize the claim?”

Hexi’s reply was concise and consisted of only two characters, “I don’t recognize it!*”

Shangguan Wenji had originally expected to hear this youth defend themself for a long time. Yet who would’ve known that he waited such a long time for just two characters? Furthermore, the one accused didn’t even seem to have the slightest indication to want to expand on their statement.

He suddenly choked and couldn’t get any words out for a long time, “Hai hai (coughing)… Xi Yue, the evidence that you killed someone is already certain. Today, even if you don’t recognize it, you can’t escape punishment.”

Hexi faintly smiled, her expression like a mild cloud and light wind, “Since you say so, please take the evidence out. Don’t blindly argue just because someone else said something.”

“That’s enough!” Shangguan Wenji had been angered by Hexi to the point that his face flashed between purple and red. He was so caught up in his anger that he even forgot his fear toward Shen family. He waved his hand and ordered, “I’ll let you die to understand. Someone come and have Zhen Yue gongzhu (princess) and the guards called over.”

Soon, a beautiful figure dressed in flowery clothes appeared. It was Zhen Yue gongzhu.

Her cultivation was quite low, but right now, she was exactly in the prime of her youth. Her body was maturing into a seductive and well developed women. At this moment, she walked over with tears streaming down her cheeks. Her red eyes and nose were exposed for everyone to see, evoking feelings of pity from the crowd.

Following behind her were a couple of unremarkable guards, most of whom were only at Foundation Establishment stage.

Zhen Yue gongzhu walked up to Shangguan Wenji and performed a proper ceremony before turning to Hexi. Abruptly, she angrily cried out, “How could you be so malicious Xi Yue? My third brother only had a few minor disputes with you. How could you actually murder him in Sealed Dragon Domain? How pitiful of my third brother. His behavior was always so kindhearted and modest, yet he actually died in such a way… Wu wu wu…”

When Shangguan Wenji was reminded of how his son died, bitterness also flashed across his face.

He fiercely cast a glare at Hexi before saying to Zhen Yue gongzhu, “You’re saying that Xi Yue already had conflict with Rui’er? Zhen Yue, you need not hide anything. Completely tell us everything that happened that day.”

With a weeping voice, Zhen Yue gongzhu slowly said, “That day, we originally wanted to go to Ming Wang Manor to call on Yu gege. Who would’ve imagined we would actually come across Xi Yue at his doorway? At the time, we didn’t know who he was. But, even though he was merely at Qi Refining stage, his manner was so arrogant toward third brother. I couldn’t bear it and had a couple words with him.”

“Who would’ve known he would grab onto Hell King’s power and humiliate me? Though third brother is extremely patient, he couldn’t overlook it as Xi Yue’s words put both he and I in an awkward position.”

*Two because she said “不认!”
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    《The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife》