The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 508 Two Witnesses
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 508 Two Witnesses

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After receiving Feng Lian Ying’s support, Shangguan Zhenyue immediately gained confidence again and even her words became harsher, “What Feng jiejie said is right. You’re nothing more than a lowly doctor’s attendant, why would third brother and I go bother with you?”

“Your heart is narrow, so you hate us and plotted to murder third brother. What words do you have to say now?!”

Hexi indifferently replied, “O, however you guys say it is however it is. I have nothing more to say.”

“Since you’ve admitted to it, there’s no need to continue this trial!” Shangguan Wenji immediately waved his hand and loudly proclaimed, “Come, immediately arrest him for me!”

Hexi merely sneered, “Is His Majesty’s hearing poor? When did I admit I killed him? Don’t tell me that disagreeing with someone means that they’ll be a murderer?”

“In that case, I heard that the Crown Prince once had an argument with Third Prince at the imperial court. Don’t tell me that the Third Prince’s death means that his gege, the Crown Prince, is also under suspicion?”

Originally, the Crown Prince had been quietly sitting in the back, listening to this joke. But once he heard Hexi’s words, his face turned unsightly.

Shangguan Wenji was even more furious and his body began shaking from the anger. He hated that he couldn’t immediately strangle this rude youngster to death.

Feng Yunjing cast a cold glance at the Dragon Throne and the emperor immediately cleared his head. Gently laughing, he said, “Since you insist on going this way, don’t blame me for being unsightly toward you. Come someone, bring the witnesses out.”

Once he said that, two Gold Core stage martial artists with scars on their faces were soon brought out.

Once she laid eyes on these two, understanding filled Hexi’s heart.

These two were the two Gold Core stage guards that Shangguan Rui had brought with himself to Hundred Herb Mist that day. Together with Shangguan Rui, they both contracted Blood Intoxicated Poison.

After Shangguan Rui died, they each used a magic weapon to exchange for the detoxifying soup.

She never thought they would turn into people who would come and testify against herself as a murderer. Hehe… It really was interesting.

When the two guards saw the sneer at the corner of Hexi’s mouth, they both frantically avoided her gaze, not daring to look at her.

At Hundred Herb Mist that day, although Hexi required a high price, she was still considered to be their savior.

Now, they were going to bite the hand that fed them and testify against their savior in front of all these martial artists. Their conscious was certainly filled with much guilt.

But when they thought of the large reward and beautiful feature Feng family promised them, they clenched their teeth and forced their faces to remain calm.

Shangguan Wenji looked at the two of them and loudly said, “You two accompanied Rui’er into Sealed Dragon Domain that day. Now, I’m asking you two to relay everything that happened in the Secret Territory.”

The two first performed the proper ceremony toward the emperor and the various sects in the crowd. Then, they started talking.

“That day, we were in Sealed Dragon Domain’s Green Wood Realm looking for Hundred Herb Mist. After we entered into Hundred Herb Mist, we and Third Prince made the mistake of eating a poisonous plant and we were nearly about to die.”

“At this time, this Xi Yue gongzi appeared and said he was a doctor and could detoxify us. However, we had to each give up a precious magic weapon or medicine in order to receive treatment.”

One of the guards took a small silver bell out from his chest and said, “This is a fifth rank magic weapon passed down from generation to generation in my family. It’s called a Gold and Silver Dream Spirit Bell, this Dream Spirit Bell was originally a pair. It’s other half was given to Xi Yue that day in order to get an antidote. Isn’t that so Xi gongzi?”

Hexi nodded her head and smiled, “That’s right.”

Moreover, this Dream Spirit Bell had long since been given to Gu Liufeng’s subordinate, Mei Ru Yan.


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