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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 509 Kill Him!

The guard’s mouth hardened and he continued to say, “Once we got the antidote, naturally we assumed it was real, so we completely swallowed it. At the beginning, we somewhat improved. But, we never thought that bad symptoms would soon show up.”

“The Third Prince had the worst end of the stick. After swallowing the antidote, a long time passed before his entire body unexpectedly burst open and he turned into a puddle of watery blood.”

The first few claims the guard laid down already caused everyone to go into an uproar, but his final sentence caused everyone to dissolve into a state of complete shock.

“Moreover, the Third Prince wasn’t the only one to die there.” The guard turned around to look at the distant crowd and heavily said, “On the day, many of the martial artists, from the large sects, also ate Xi gongzi’s antidote and died. I only personally know that Nalan family’s Nalan Yanming alongside Murong family’s Murong Zhangfeng and Murong Hai died.”

“We originally had a hard time escaping the fate of turning into watery blood, but fortunately, the Ice Lotus Fairy and the Feng family’s people hurried over. In this pressing time, they quickly treated us, saving our lives.”

Once the guard’s words were out, everyone present immediately flared up.

They never thought that this little Foundation Establishment stage martial artist would be able to use poison and kill so many people

Not only was Jin Ling Country’s Third Prince among one of the victims, but so were many influential families’ elders.

Great distress and anger flooded Feng Lian Ying’s face as she looked at Hexi. With a heavy voice she said, “Xi gongzi, on that day, when we ran into each other at Water Moon Realm, didn’t I advise you?”

“You don’t have any of the skills of a doctor. Even if you have a few minor methods, you shouldn’t diagnose illnesses and you definitely shouldn’t carelessly prescribe medicine. Who would’ve thought that not only did you not listen, but you also harmed so many people in the process?”

“And when I rushed to Hundred Herb Mist, you actually attempted to block me, stating that your way of healing was the right way. If you weren’t so selfish, you wouldn’t have killed the Third Prince and so many other innocent people.”

By now, Feng Lian Ying’s eyes had already turned red, “Xi gongzi, you’re also a doctor. Don’t you know that every life is precious? That each sick person has their own family and friends? If their friends and family knew they died by your hands, they would feel extremely sad and hurt ah!”

“I’m just regretful that I didn’t arrive earlier and wasn’t firm enough. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have hurt so many lives!”

The hall’s atmosphere had been very tense since the beginning. Now, after Feng Lian Ying’s perfect performance, everyone’s emotions were nearly at the bursting point.

Especially for those that were apart of sects and influential families that sent their members to the Sealed Dragon Domain. They all fixed their angered gazes at Hexi, practically burning a hole through her.

“I never thought that this youth who seems to put on airs would actually turn out to be so malicious. This type of person simply doesn’t deserve to live in this world anymore.”

“Exactly, how come you guys didn’t just directly kill this person on the spot that day? Surprisingly, you actually let him run around for so long. The Ice Lotus Fairy is truly too kindhearted!”

“My Xian He Sect’s people entered Sealed Dragon Domain and never returned. They were most likely harmed by him!”

“Obviously he doesn’t even have a doctor’s rank, yet he actually dares to pretend and detoxify others. Now that he’s harmed others’ lives, don’t tell me that a debt of blood can’t be paid in blood?”

“Such an utterly heartless person should be thrown into a magic beast pit and die without a burial place.”

“Kill him! Kill him! Let’s take revenge for those who’ve died under this quack!!”
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    《The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife》