The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 510 Everyone’s Angry, Hard To Offend
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 510 Everyone’s Angry, Hard To Offend

Everyone’s angry shouts soon starting filling the large hall.

Hexi merely coldly looked on, but didn’t speak. She looked like she was merely an observer that had nothing to do with the situation.

Suddenly, a slender youth squeezed out from the crowd. He stared Hexi down with a face full of killing intent, “I didn’t expect that my Nalan family’s Elder was actually killed by you. What hatred do you have with my Nalan family for you to so maliciously kill him?”

This youth seemed to be around the same age was Nalan Hexi.

His appearance was elegant and he even seemed to hold some resemblance to Nalan Zhengze.

And Jing Ling country’s Prince Shangguan Qi, who had been silently standing in the crowd all along, suddenly slowly walked up to this youth’s side. He patted his shoulder and tried placating him, “Ziyun, you can feel assured. Father Emperor will definitely get revenge for Third Brother and your Nalan family.”

Ziyun? Nalan Ziyun? It was the original Nalan Hexi’s twin “(younger) brother”. Hexi faced the youth, whose face really resembled Nalan Zhengze’s, and a gloomy light flashed through her eyes.

The Crown Prince faintly looked around and sneered, “This brute who completely lacks humanity was let off by us once. But everyone here won’t let him off a second time, isn’t that right?”

Immediately, someone loudly agreed, “The Crown Prince is right, such a person can’t be let off.”

“Take his life for murdering someone! Take his life for murdering someone!”

Feng Yunjing, who had been silently sitting to the side the entire time, looked at the turbulent circumstances in the hall and a faint smile appeared on his lips.

This public trial had been suggested by Shen Sen himself and now it had escalated to this degree. Even if the Shen family was powerful, it was hard to offend everyone when they were angry. They definitely wouldn’t protect some insignificant martial artist who was just at Foundation Establishment stage if it was at th cost of their Qing Xia Sect’s reputation. Doing so would turn them into the public’s enemy.

And Xi Yue was destined to become an assassin. He would only be able to plead for asylum, there wouldn’t be another alternative.

Feng Yunjing’s gaze landed on Shen Sen, who was sitting opposite to him, and he faintly smiled, “Elder Shen, this public trial was first brought up by you. Now all the evidence has been laid out and the trial’s outcome has been determined, what other words does Elder Shen have to say now?”

Shen Sen’s face also became extremely unsightly.

He always felt this whole affair was odd, but now, everything was pointing toward Xi Yue. If he continued to protect Xi Yue, he was afraid that Qing Xia Sect would be pulled into the waters.

Although Shen Sen didn’t speak, Shen Qingchuo anxiously blurt out everything in her heart, “Your so-called evidence is all one-sided. You guys have so many people while Xi Yue is all alone, he definitely can’t out-speak you guys. If you guys are able to, then bring out decisive evidence!”

When Feng Lian Ying saw that they had gotten to this step and Shen Qingchuo was still defending him, her gaze toward Hexi became filled with even more hatred.

This shameless youth only goes around fooling around with people. Even if he seduced Yu gege, it’s whatever. Now, he actually was able to seduce Qing Xia Sect’s most beloved person. What was this sl** worth?

Feng Lian Ying deeply breathed in before painting on her most tender and friendly expression. She faced Shen Qingchuo and said, “Chuo’er meimei, the facts are all laid out here. You don’t need to believe such lies anymore.”

Without a second thought, Shen Qingchuo immediately replied, “Because Xi gongzi is a good person, he saved my life!”

Shen Qingchuo was still young and her mind was pure. She completely missed the fact that Feng Lian Ying was encouraging her to talk.


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