The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 511 Keep Dreaming!
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 511 Keep Dreaming!

Sure enough, after Feng Lian Ying heard her words, she had an extremely astonished expression on her face, “O, so Chuo’er meimei means that because Xi gongzi saved you, him killing many other people doesn’t have any relation?”

Shen Qingchuo was stunned and was suddenly tongue tied.

Shen Sen’s face turned cold and he stood up, “Young Miss Feng, I advise you to be cautious with your words…”

“What, is Elder Shen preparing to threaten us now? Or is it that Shen family has decided to shield a murderer?” Feng Yunjing immediately interrupted Shen Sen and mockingly asked, “If Elder Shen was prepared to shield Xi Yue from the beginning, regardless of any sins he committed, what was the point of suggesting a public trial? Now that the truth has come out, could it be that Elder Shen wants to go back on his words?”

Feng Yunjing’s words immediately caused the martial artists to place their blame on Shen family’s shoulders.

Even the other two influential families, who had originally just been there to watch the show, also began placing accusations against the Shen family.

Qixing Palace’s Elder Xia rubbed his long beard and meaningfully said, “Elder Shen, laofu has always heard that Shen family is just and fair. You can’t ruin Shen family’s millennial-long clean reputation for some little monster ah!”

“If clan head Shen were here, he would make the proper decision.”

Shui Yue Sect’s Elder Han had a fiery temper, adding onto this was that the sect had lost quite a few people in Sealed Dragon Domain and hadn’t gained much rewards this time. So, at this moment, he hated Xi Yue, this possible murderer, to her very bones.

His cold gaze landed on Shen Sen, “What Elder Xia said was right. If we allowed this heartless murderer to live, wouldn’t the entire Miluo Continent be in trouble? Elder Shen protecting this person so vigilantly can’t help but cause people to harbor doubts about Qing Xia Sect’s intentions ah!”

When other families and sects saw three of the four largest sects raising their dissatisfaction, they also started to point blame at Shen family. They no longer looked at Shen Sen with gazes of respect, instead their eyes were filled with anger and questions.

Feng Yunjing watched the scene in front of him and the happy expression in his eyes grew more and more intense as time passed.

His gaze couldn’t help but land on Hexi’s body. He saw his eyelashes faintly turned down, casting a faint shadow on his snow white skin. His body was straight, making him appear weak and beautiful.

This person would soon be his.

Feng Yunjing suddenly turned to Hexi and using his spiritual power, he secretly said to her, “Xi Yue, if you agree to be mine in the future, I’ll absolve you of all your guilt, so you don’t become the monster everyone in Miluo Continent wants to beat.”

When Hexi first heard Feng Yunjing, she became distracted. She turned around to Feng Yunjing and faced him with a burning gaze filled with a greedy light.

Very quickly, her mouth turned into a ridiculing smile and her red lips noiselessly spit out two characters, “Keep dreaming!”

Feng Yunjing’s cold expression twisted and he heaved a deep breath. An eerie chilliness flashed across his eyes, “Do you have any other words to say Elder Shen?”

Shen Sen wrinkled his brows and faced Hexi, asking her, “Xi Yue, do you have anything to say?”

Hexi softly shook her head, “No.”

Shangguan Wenji immediately slapped the dragon throne and sternly said, “Since the evidence has been proven true, come people, arrest Xi Yue…”

“Slow down!” Hexi slowly opened her mouth, interrupting Shangguan Wenji’s order.

Shangguan Wenji grimly laughed, “Didn’t you just say you didn’t have anything left to say? Now that death is near, you want to argue?”


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