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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 513: Reversal

Clearly, it was practically certain, but Xi Yue could still turn the tables.

He clearly noticed that no one within the group of Xi Yue and Nangong Yu was using Fixing Charm that day in the Hundred Herb Mist.
Let alone that he knew no one in the Hell King Manor was good at drawing this special charm.

Who knows at such a critical moment today, Xi Yue could come up with a Fixing Charm!

Feng Yunjing gnashed his teeth. His gaze towards He Xi immediately became hotter and hotter.

He sure had underestimated her. However, he became more and more obsessed with this person because he couldn’t successfully pursue her.

At this point in time, the images in the Fixing Charm had been played for a while. The crowd was too frightened to even say a word when they saw the scene of people getting poisoned.
The face full of blood blisters and black liquid; the scene of body decaying bit by bit. They were really terrifying.

The timid Shen Qingchuo had already hidden behind Shen Sen. She covered her eyes and shivered in fear; she only dared to peek from time to time.

Everyone then saw Feng Lianying was the one who first stepped forward to offer help instead of Xi Yue. This was different from the narration of the two guards.

Initially, Shangguan Rui who consumed Feng Lianying’s medicinal pill got better. However, he then exploded to death without warning and turned into a pool of blood.
Although there was no silhouette in this scene, it was extremely scary in everyone’s eyes.

There were some people couldn’t help but exclaimed, “It’s… It’s the Ice Lotus Fairy who killed the Third Price!”

Seeing this scene, Shangguan Wenji who was sitting on the emperor’s throne clenched his fist tightly. There were creaks at his joint areas.

However, he still couldn’t show his hatred towards the Feng Family and Feng Lianying; he could only maintain his apparent calm.
However, Shangguan Zhenyue who saw this scene was stupefied. She kept yelling, “Impossible! Impossible!”

The two guards were even more embarrassed and horrified; their bodies curled up on the floor and shivered in fear. They felt regretful when thinking about their desperate and terrifying future.

The image was still playing. Eventually, everyone saw that Xi Yue was the one who really saved everyone.

It was indeed the young man who was accused of being a ruthless killer by them. His medicinal methods were simply fantastic. He cured dying patients with just a bowl of inconspicuous black medicinal liquid.

On the other hand, Feng Lianying was desperately looking for someone to test out her pills even though she knew that her medicine was useless. Seeing that these people who still had a chance of surviving became Feng Lianying’s prey out of her selfishness, everyone in the hall had indignant expressions.
However, compared with the accusations against He Xi just now, they became furious yet afraid to speak when facing Feng Lianying and the strong Feng Family.

They just secretly looked at the so-called Ice Lotus Fairy with contemptuous and angry gazes.

When these people thought about the news of “The Ice Lotus Fairy rescued countless martial artists in the Sealed Dragon Territory” spreading in the streets and lanes, they felt extremely ironic; even the beautiful face of Feng Lianying had become disgusting.

The charm slowly burned out and the image in front of them slowly disappeared. Just when everyone thought that the contents in the Fixing Charm had finished playing, a light suddenly lit up above the charm.

Everyone immediately saw that Feng Lianying undressed body appeared in front of many martial artists at the foot of Cang Mountain outside of the Sealed Dragon Territory. The delicate skin, the exquisite body and the private parts which appeared indistinctly were uninterruptedly seen
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    《The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife》