The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 519: Apologized
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 519: Apologized

When Shen Qingchuo saw the people who were approaching, her small face immediately showed unconcealed hatred, “What are you doing here? The hall is so big, won’t you go elsewhere? You’re not welcome here!”

The leading teenager seemed to know Shen Qingchuo’s character. He didn’t get angry when he heard her words, but instead his gaze towards her was filled with affections.
He straightened his gorgeous brocade robes that were embroidered with dark gold threads and looked at He Xi’s hand-woven coarse clothes contemptuously. He smiled at Shen Qingchuo, “Sister Chuo’er, I know you’re unhappy about what my grandfather said in the public trial, but my grandfather was well-intentioned! He was afraid that you were deceived by someone with questionable origin and damaged the centenary reputation of the Shen Family.”

As he said, he glanced at He Xi coldly and said disdainfully, “He’s just a fellow at the Foundation Establishment stage. Sister Chuo’er, you’re the beloved daughter of the entire Qingxia Sect. How can such a person deserve you? Why become enemies with the Feng Family for a person of little significance and open a can of worms?”

“Xia Yichen, speak with some respect. What do you mean by a fellow at the Foundation Establishment stage? Haven’t you just been promoted to the Meridians stage?”

Shen Qingchuo’s pretty face flushed. Her slightly trembled voice showed how angry she was, “What are you so proud of? Don’t you think I don’t know that you were able to be promoted to the Meridians stage only because you took a lot of medicinal pills?”

“Even though Young Master Xi is only at the Foundation Establishment stage, he fully relies on his own efforts. He’s not worse than you cowards who only depend on your sect!”
She then grabbed He Xi’s sleeve and said hatefully, “Young Master Xi, let’s go. Ignore them!”

Shen Qingchuo’s words made Xia Yichen feel very embarrassed. At the sight of Shen Qingchuo holding He Xi’s hands, he suddenly became angry. His gaze towards He Xi was as though he wanted to tear He Xi into shreds.

This stupid fellow who doesn’t belong to any sects and has a low cultivation base, what else does he have besides his face? Why does he deserve to be favored by Chuo’er?

He stepped forwards and stood barring the way of He Xi. He said sneeringly, “Young Master Xi, right?”
He Xi raised an eyebrow, “Is there anything?”

This group of people in front of He Xi was a group of spoiled brats to her, she really had no interest in arguing with them.

Xia Yichen rolled his eyeballs and suppressed the anger in his heart. He said calmly with a smile, “This is what it is, this is my second senior brother Shangguan Qi and my junior brother Nalan Ziyun. They want to apologize to you about what just happened.”

Before He Xi could answer, Shangguan Qi, who was standing behind Xia Yichen, had stepped forward and said while making a bow with hands folded in front, “Young Master Xi, I didn’t know the truth and regarded you as the murderer of my third younger brother. Please forgive me for having offended you.”

Having said that, he suddenly switched the conversation. He showed a meaningfully expression, “It wasn’t expected that Young Master Xi has such important evidence. However, since you have evidence, why don’t you take it out in the first place? Or such a misunderstanding wouldn’t occur.”

The gazes of the Qixing Palace’s disciples towards He Xi immediately became cold and angry as soon as they heard the Crown Prince’s words.

This little boy obviously had evidence but didn’t take it out which makes their elder offended Shen Sen, wasn’t it obvious that he wanted to embarrass them?

He Xi casually stroked her hair and chuckled, “Oh, the situation was too intense and I was frightened. I couldn’t remember that I had evidence for a while.”


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