The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 522: Uneasy Feeling
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 522: Uneasy Feeling

At this moment, the door of the room was pushed open, and a white man with a normal appearance and no spiritual fluctuations walked in.

Feng Lianying didn’t know who this man was, so she was shocked to see him came in.
But Feng Yunjing’s guards looked as if they didn’t see the person at all. They were standing by the side as usual.

The man in white walked to Feng Yunjing and whispered a few words in his ear.

Feng Yunjing’s face suddenly changed, and he lowered his voice, “Are you sure you didn’t sense the wrong thing?”

The man in white nodded and said, “I wouldn’t dare to make any mistake in such an important matter. That thing is likely to fall into the hand of either one of the Ouyang Family father and son.”

Feng Yunjing’s initial somber face slowly showed a smile of excitement. “If we can find that thing, then it is a worthwhile trip for our Feng Family this time.”
Immediately he said in a deep voice. “Let’s split up. I will stop Ouyang Haoxuan in Breaking Spirit Mountain. You go to Ouyang Zhengxiong and take him into the Breaking Spirit Mountain rank five magical beast area.”

As he was speaking, he seemed to think of something. Feng Yunjing’s eyes flashed a hint of ruthlessness, “To be safe, you should bring Mrs. Ouyang here too. We must not make any mistake in this matter.”

The man in white smiled and bowed his head. “This time it is really a blessing to our Feng Family to find that thing easily. Young Master rest assured that I will definitely get things done.”

Feng Lianying couldn’t understand Feng Yunjing’s conversation with the man in white, but she recognized him. The man in white who didn’t seem to have a normal appearance was actually the White Protector of their family.
Black and White Protector were the powerhouses at Nascent Soul stage, but she didn’t know why he disguised himself to appear in Breaking Spirit Mountain.

However, Feng Lianying’s attention quickly focused on the inscribed jade slip in her hands.

Hehe, there is no more important thing than letting that bitch suffer eternally.

In the afternoon, the Big Hunting Match officially started.

Originally, when submitting the invitation letter, the contestants all would get an inscribed jade slip, but Hexi’s invitation letter was confiscated because he was framed as the murderer of the three princes, so he could not get the inscribed jade slip.

Of course, there were also some martial artists who did not have time to exchange the invitation letter to the insribed jade slip after arriving, so they were now receiving it from the hands of a middle-aged person.

Hexi lined up in front of the middle-aged person and took the inscribed jade slip from his hand.

As soon as she got the slip, she felt a pain at her finger. When she lowered her head, she saw blood oozing from the tip of her right index finger.
The middle-aged person saw her stunned, looking at the blood beads on her hand, and he expressed with a mild expression. “This time, there are more martial artists participating in the Big Hunting Match than in previous years. Our inscribed jade slip isn’t enough. The quality of the inscribed jade slip that is made later is not particularly smooth, so it is easier to cut people. “

Hexi looked around. It turned out that there were also several other martial artists who accidentally cut their fingers with the inscribed jade slip, but none of them felt weird about it.

She frowned, checked her body with Divine Sense, and determined that there were no abnormalities, so she could only take the inscribed jade slip and leave.

But there was an uneasy feeling in her heart. It seemed that something bad was about to happen.

Hexi picked up the inscribed jade slip and looked at it. Is this inscribed jade slip Jade really fine?

Looking at Hexi leaving, the middle-aged face with a thick face flashed a taunt of laughter in his eyes, and then the taunt quickly turned into excitement.


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