The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 524 Did Something
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 524 Did Something

But Nie Jinchen did not complain at all. He obediently took out the corpse dissolving powder and cleaned up the corpses and traces on the ground.

Feng Lianying was very satisfied with Nie Jinchen’s willingness to work. She walked out of the room elegantly, but she didn’t see Nie Jinchen’s eyes full of shadows behind her.

Hexi checked her body several times. She even checked her pulse, but she still couldn’t detect any abnormalities, so she had to give up resignedly.

However, when the teleportation array was activated, the light shone on her, and she appeared in an unfamiliar area, then Hexi immediately knew what the problem was.

Suddenly, a huge dazzling white tiger yelled at her. Its eyes turned blood-red, and it pounced toward her.

Hexi jumped up into the air, then she launched the purple vines at the white tiger.
However, the action of the white tiger was faster than the Purple Abyss Vine. Its huge body was like a phantom, avoiding the attack of the purple vine.

“Roar–” A terrifying roar.

Immediately afterward, a red flame spewed out of the white tiger’s mouth, shrouding Hexi directly.

Hexi took out the Li Shui Sword calmly. She suddenly transferred her spirit into the sword, chopping fiercely forward.
The sword qi rushed into the sky, submerging into the sky.

The white tiger’s movement paused. It looked up in horror.

The next moment, countless dense sword lights descended from the sky. It was like the sword rain that covered the sky and earth, leaving the white tiger nowhere to hide.

“Ou ou ou—” Waves after wave of painful screech sounded.
The white tiger moved left and right, desperately trying to jump out of the area.

However, after Hexi launched the second and third sword qi, the sword rain falling from the sky became more and more dense.

The white tiger’s fur was completely stained with blood. It looked indescribable pity.

Finally, the white tiger could no longer take it. Its speed was getting slower and slower.

The purple vines in Hexi’s hands flew out again, piercing into the heart of the white tiger with a clean blow.
The white tiger’s eyes turned white. Blood bubbled out of its mouth, and finally lost its vitality and fell to the ground.

Hexi withdrew the Li Shui Sword and looked at the white tiger that had fallen to the ground, showing an ugly face.

“Boss, this is the magical beast that has just advanced into rank 5 right?” Little Golden Dragon appeared out of the space and jumped to this white tiger. “Aren’t you supposed to go to the rank three magical beast area? How will the rank five magical beast appear after we got out of the teleportation array immediately?”

Hexi made a cold hum. “My inscribed jade slip has been manipulated. Although the prohibition of the Breaking Spirit Mountain cannot allow high-level martial artists to enter the low-level magical beast area without damage, it never said that low-level martial artists cannot be teleported to the area with the magical beast of higher rank.”

She only looked like she was just in the Foundation Establishment stage. Now, she was teleported to this rank five magical beast area. The magical beasts here were basically equivalent to have the cultivation of the Gold Core stage. Wasn’t this sending her to death?

Little Golden Dragon said angrily, “Boss, these people are too much. This is not only to let you lose, but also to let you die under the threat of magical beast. Fortunately, boss is so powerful that you can easily slay a rank five magical beast.”

As the Little Golden Dragon said, it flew to Hexi charmingly. It said as it was admiring, “Boss, what was that skill just now? The sky is raining sword rain! It’s so powerful!”
Hexi drew the mouth tilted a little. She said after a long while, “I don’t know what the skill is. When I was put into the sword array by the dumb old man, I was really forced to use do whatever I could. I was almost sliced into minced meat, then I used this skill in a desperate moment. ”


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