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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 525 Stupid

Although he didn’t want to admit it, Hexi knew that it definitely had a great effect for the old fart locked her in that sword array.

If it were in the past, although she could still win this rank five white tiger, she would definitely need to double her efforts, and she may even run out of spiritual power.
However, after coming out of the sword array, the rank five magical beast was actually not a challenge for her at all.

Rank five magical beast should have the Gold Core stage strength, but it could definitely be compared to the real Gold Core stage martial artists. Moreover,this white tiger had just been promoted to rank five. Its strength was very weak.

Hexi bent down and took out the elixir from Bai Hu and put it into a storage ring.

The Little Egg in the space also jumped out, and it also put the body of Purple Abyss Vine on its head.

Hexi looked at its appearance, and her mouth was twitching. A pink piglet head was topped with a purple seedling. This look was too non-mainstream!
What kind of aesthetics did her Little Egg have!?

Little Golden Dragon knew that his prototype was special. To avoid being coveted by others, he had become a gray Tyrannosaurus Rex image.

Due to his small size, he couldn’t transfigure into a big spiritual pet. At this moment, he looked like two palms which looked like a model figure of Tyrannosaurus Rex.

He still learns the appearance of Hexi, with his small claws pointing to the sky, and a forced expression on his face, “Whoosh– Flying Flower Sword Rain, kill! It’s so handsome … Boss, let’s call this Flying Flower Sword Rain?”
Hexi turned her head. You dare to say that you are a golden flying dragon who has lived for thousands of years? You literally look so damn stupid that it is intolerable to the eye!

The Little Egg was initially swirling around the body of the white tiger, trying to dig out the monster essence pill and swallow it.

But when Hexi took the monster essence pill, he suddenly wept and said, “Mum, Little Egg is angry. Little Egg want to eat that round pill.”

Hexi was annoyed. This monster essence pill was her Big Hunting Match’s points. If she let Little Egg to eat it, wouldn’t she be the last place?

She was still thinking about the fire attribute technique!
Hexi held up Little Egg and said, “This pill is useful to mum. I will find something better for you later.”

Little Egg nodded obediently, then she pointed at the white tiger’s body, “Then Little Egg wants to eat tiger meat. I want it to be grilled, steamed and stir fried, and a little spicy …”

Little Egg seemed to think of something. Her initial frustration suddenly became excited.

Now that the old fart wasn’t here to fight for food with him, and Little Dragon and Little Purple loved him the most. Didn’t it mean that the delicious food made by his mother was all by himself?

Drooling was drooling, dragging Hexi’s clothes and shouting, “Mom, I can don’t eat the pill, but the magical beast flest we encountered on the road all should belong to me~~”

Hexi sighed with relief when she saw that she was no longer stingy.

For her now, cooking a little food was a piece of cake.

Hexi released all the blood of the magical beast to let Little Purple eat it, and she also added a bit of spirit spring water to the magical beast blood to “season” it. Little Purple shook his purple leaves; he was extremely happy.

The white tiger meat was processed into delicious dishes by Hexi. The fragrance of the food permeated the air, and the gluttonous Little Egg and the Little Golden Dragon drooled.

Little Egg dived himself into the roasted tiger meat, eating from the end of the meat to the another end. He got himself oily, but he was still giggling.

The days when the old man did not snatch food with him were so enjoyable.

The two actually swallowed such a big tiger meat in less than half an hour.
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    《The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife》