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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 526 Good Day

Little Egg still murmured while caressing his round belly, “Little Dragon, you ate too much. You even ate Little Egg’s portion; I can’t get full.”

This brat is getting more and more overbearing relying on the my spiritual pet’s and Little Purple’s pamper.

Hexi smiled as she condensed water spiritual power and washed his greasy skin.
Before Little Golden Dragon could speak, there was another beast roar suddenly.

Obviously, the aroma of food here had attracted other magical beast.

Little Golden Dragon and Little Egg were terrified by the roar at all, instead they immediately brightened their eyes, looking at the two figures coming quickly from the far distance.

One big and one small black bears.

Little Golden Dragon swallowed his saliva and murmured, “Master, you said that bear’s paw is very delicious food right? I can try it this time.”
Little Egg touched Little Purple who was on the head of Little Egg and pointed at the big bear. “Aunty Little Purple, take down the big bear. You drink blood and I eat meat. A good future is waiting for us!”

Then, without waiting for Hexi to speak, the purple vines rose into the sky and turned multiple vine shadows in the air.

The two magical beasts charged as they roared.

Hexi held her temples in pain: These reckless guys. Do they know that these two are rank five magical beasts?

It would work out if it was a 3 versus 1, but if it was a 3 versus 2, they would be defeated utterly.
As expected, after a while, Little Egg covered his head that was scratched by a rock and wailed as he ran back, “Wuwu … Mom, the big bear bullied me, you have to revenge for me!”

Hexi took out her Li Shui Word without saying anything. The paths of the sword strikes appeared like rainfall.

At the end of the battle, the Big Bear was decapitated. Its body was sliced into three chunks.

On the other hand, Little Golden Dragon and Little Purple also joined forces to put the little black bear down.
From the beginning to the end, Little Egg who didn’t do anything ran over and kissed Hexi’s ass, “Mom, you are so powerful! Little Egg really admires you the most!”

Hexi tapped on his little head, and she couldn’t help laughing.


In the next few days, Hexi and these few guys killed a lot of magical beasts, but they never encountered other martial artists.

Hexi only had the map of the rank three and four magical beast. She didn’t know what was her location now, so she could only aimlessly move forward.
The three little ones were having fun on the road, but the magical beasts in Breaking Spirit Mountain were miserable.

Almost every day, two or three rank five magical beasts were killed in Hexi’s hands. Their skins were peeled and their blood was drained, then they were being cooked into delicious dishes.

Little Egg and Little Golden Dragon actually didn’t get bored for eating so much meat, but they became more and more addicted.

Especially after several actual combat experiences, the cooperation of the three little ones became more and more tacit. The ordinary rank five magical beasts were not their opponents at all.

Only when encountering magical beasts that were particularly fierce and flexible, such as the powerful rank five magical beast like the eight-armed ape, they would cry for Hexi’s help.

In an instant, Hexi wandered in the Breaking Spirit Mountain for three days, and the number of monster essence pills she gained increased at a terrible rate.

At the same time, Hexi also felt that she was stronger day by day.
In the battle with magical beasts, she slowly integrated the lessons learned by in the sword array. Even now, even if she was fighting a high-level martial artist at the Gold Core stage, she was confident that she had the power to fight.

It was just that something that made the party depressed occurred.
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    《The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife》