The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 528 It Is Indecent To Me
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 528 It Is Indecent To Me

Hexi was petrified: This … what is the situation ?!

Little Egg was struggling under that little magical beast and crying, “Go away, you ugly. Wuwuwu… Mom, save me quickly!”

Hexi stood stiff for a while, only then she took a few steps and caught Little Egg’s small leg, saving him out of the magical beast’s clutch.
The little magical beast was took off by Hexi from Little Egg. It fell to the ground and rolled clumsily, then it looked up at Hexi and Little Egg with a stupid face.

A pair of green bean like eyes were full of desire and grievances, but Hexi only wanted to laugh seeing this.

Because this little magical beast was really… too clumsy. The clumsiness was even mixed with cuteness.

This magical beast was round with four small short and slim legs as if they could not support its body at any time; its face was very short. It was like its entire face was flattened by someone; its nose was tilted up which made it look like a small bulldog, but those green bean like eyes made it lose the fierceness of the bulldog, leaving only a silly and cute look.

After Little Egg was rescued by Hexi, he instantly turned into the child who had suffered a grievance and he could finally complain to his parent or teacher. He wailed as he said, “Wuwuwu… Mom, it is molesting me. Help me defeat it quickly… wuwuwu… ”
When the little magical beast heard Little Egg’s cry, it became very anxious. It lay on Hexi’s leg, making a weeping sound as if it was trying to comfort Little Egg.

Hexi whispered, “Don’t be afraid, Little Egg. You see, he is just trying to be friendly with you. He didn’t bite you at all, right?”

“Wuwuwu… I don’t want to see it. It is so ugly, and it even licked me!” Little Egg hugged Hexi’s neck and didn’t want to give up. He was sobbing as he said, “I’m still a virgin. The places that it licked were polluted. Wuwuwu… Mom, help me wash qucikly! ”

Hexi’s mouth twitched again. This kid gives me more and more trouble! You’re even a virgin, and you even despised it for being ulgy!?

How old is he? He already knows how to judge other by appearance … Ugh, it’s so troublesome!

Hexi transfigured water spiritual power and washed Little Egg, only then Little Egg was satisfied.
At this time, Little Purple and Xiaolong also stopped cultivation and rushed over. Little Golden Dragon said, “Little Egg, who dares to bully you? I will help you to punish them!”

Little Egg immediately shouted at the little magical beast, “I hate this ugly monster. Chase it away, now!”

Little Purple and Little Golden Dragon didn’t hesitate as they heard him. Purple vines immediately flew toward the insignificant little magical beast.

Hexi could see that the little magical beast’s strength wass definitely not low, and it was not hostile to them, so she was trying to stop Little Golden Dragon and Purple Abyss Vine.
However, when she saw the fighting scene, she was relieved.

Because the ugly little magical beast didn’t fight back or run away, but no matter how fierce Little Purple and Little Golden Dragon attacked, it could still dodge all of them.

Moreover, it didn’t look away from Little Egg throughout the whole process. The obsessed made look even made Hexi have a toothache by just looking at it.

Hexi held the Little Egg in her arms and touched his little head and laughed, “Little Egg, I see that you have met an avid admirer, and its strength seems to be very high. Maybe even mom can’t be its opponent. Why not you just let it be?”

Hexi was joking about this, but Little Egg took it seriously.


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