The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 532 Unable To Move
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 532 Unable To Move

It was just that there was a strange purple light on the edge of this dagger, which was showing that the dagger had poison on it.

Feng Yunjing looked directly at Hexi. His voice was low and soft, but it seemed to be brewing the storm, “Xi Yue, every time I see you, you can always give me unexpected surprises. However, my patience is limited. Since you are ungrateful, then don’t blame me for being rude! ”
After that, the spiritual power on his body suddenly skyrocketed. The purple gas that was on the wound was instantly shrouded by powerful spiritual power.

The purple venom was devoured by the spiritual power until nothing was left as if it had encountered its nemesis.

And Feng Yunjing’s face no longer had a hint of playing mouse and cat. It became an inevitable crazy overbearing.

Hexi’s heart sank a little.

As expected, facing Feng Yunjing, she couldn’t resist at all.
Even the venom that was deadly for the low-level martial artists, could only make Feng Yunjing feel a little painful.

Between Meridians stage and Nascent Soul stage, it was an insurmountable distance.

Feng Yunjing’s spiritual power slowly condensed into a thick black mist.

Then a familiar black flag rose into the sky, hovering in the sky and becoming larger.
The whole world seemed to be shrouded by a dark cloud which brought a spine chilling coldness.

Hexi’s face was gloomy. She cast a fire spiritual power in her hand and launched it at the the black flag in the air.

The pale golden fire spiritual power entangled a corner of the flagpole. It seemed to burn the flag a bit.

But soon, the thick black mist swallowed up the fire spiritual power.
Hexi didn’t expect the fire spiritual power to hurt Feng Yunjing.

As Feng Yunjing’s attention was put on the Rakshasa Flag, she pointed Li Shui Sword into the sky and struck straight toward Feng Yunjing.

Feng Yunjing commanded the black mist to devour the fire spiritual power. When he looked back at the close distance sword strike, he wasn’t afraid. He showed a mocking smile on the corner of his mouth instead.

Hexi watched as the sword tip was about to pierce Feng Yunjing’s chest, but she suddenly felt a stun in his heart.

Then a creepy breath appeared behind her, a steady breath that was nearby her; it was almost clinging to her back.
Feng Yunjing disappeared like a phantom without a trace, but behind her, a tall shadow slowly appeared.

Hexi was horrified. As she wanted to run away, she suddenly found out that a chilling black gas had already penetrated her limbs and bones.

It was like a black chain that locked her limbs, making her unable to move.

What’s more terrifying was that this chilling black gas didn’t stop. It slowly penetrated from her bloodline into her dantian [1]. For a time, the spiritual power that she was brewing couldn’t be channeled anymore as if it was frozen.

Hexi was blanched by the cold black gas. She bit her teeth, “Feng Yunjing, what did you do to me?”

Feng Yunjing’s quiet laughter came from behind her with a great deal of teasing and contentment.

Hexi could feel Feng Yunjing taking a step forward, then he grabbed her waist with one hand from behind, dragging her into a hot embrace.
Feng Yunjing’s lips were half-closed to her ear, and he said slowly with a hoarse voice. “I think Xi Yue should be familiar with this Rakshasa Flag, right? In Smoke Cloud Array, you’ve seen its power. But I couldn’t channel spiritual power at that time, so the power of Rakshasa Flag could not be exerted by even 0.0001%. ”


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