The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 535 To Die Together!
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 535 To Die Together!

Hexi glanced at the sinister Feng Yunjing who wasn’t far away and the black flag in the sky, then she immediately shouted in a lowered tone, “Little Egg, you and the Little Golden Dragon return immediately. Don’t come out without my order!”

“I don’t want!” Little Egg shouted, and wailed. “I don’t want to watch my mother be injured anymore, but I can do nothing. I don’t want to be a child without a mother …”
Hexi had a heartache, but she still said sternly, “Little Egg, you don’t listen to your mom anymore? If you don’t go back, do you believe that mom will abandon you all!? Little Golden Dragon, did you hear me? I command you as the master to take Little Egg back immediately! ”

She was not sure if she could escape Feng Yunjing’s clutches, and she was full of fear and disgust at Feng Yunjing’s filthy mind.

However, she was more afraid of the little ones she valued, taking irreparable damage.

Little Egg cried even more fiercely. He was out of breath; his tears even flowed nonstop.

Little Golden Dragon soared in the air. At this moment, there was no more arrogant and ridicule in his tone, there was only dignity, “Boss, even if I have to violate command order, even if you want to terminate the contract with me, I still have to disobey your command this time. We are going to stay and fight alongside you.”
Hexi wanted to talk, but Little Golden Dragon interrupted her immediately, “Boss, I know we are not strong enough, and I know you are worried about our safety, but we are your spiritual pet. If our master is in danger, and the spiritual pets aren’t around, then we aren’t worthy of being a fighting spiritual pet; how can we live up to our contract of life and death? ”

“Boss, don’t say it again. I will never go back to the void. If we live, we live together; if we die, we die together!”

Little Egg cried, holding a small paw and sobbing, “Little Dragon is right, mom. If we live, we live together; if we die, we die together!”

Purple Abyss Vine, on the other side, also shook its wounded purple vines and wrapped around Hexi’s wrist.
Hexi was shocked. She only felt a slight warm current blooming in her heart, then it permeated into her blood.

The light in her eyes suddenly flashed. She took a deep breath and nodded as she spoke, “Okay, If we live, we live together; if we die, we die together!”

“Live together; die together?” Feng Yunjing’s sinister laughter suddenly came from not far away. “It also depends on whether I will give you the chance to live and die together!”

Little Egg suddenly said furiously, “You shameless old man. You are obviously around seventy years old; you are ugly and old, but you dare to marry my mom. Who do you think you are? You aren’t even worth it to serve me, you shameless pervert!”
“That’s right!” Little Golden Dragon went along loudly immediately, “Boss has obviously rejected you, but you still pestering her. Are all members of the Feng Family like this? They can’t find any partner, so they can only steal and force others to marry? This kind of shameless family might as well be extinct! ”

Little Egg stomped its short legs as he said excitedly, “This kind of person is obviously lack of calcium during childhood; lack of love after growing up. Grandmother didn’t bother him and uncles didn’t love him. Anybody would bully him if they see him! Letting him live is just wasting the oxygen; letting him eat is wasting the food; burying him into the soil after death will also pollute the soil. Scum like him should be burned into ashes, then flush it into the latrine, stinking and smoking him to death!”


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