The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 536 Fight Desperately
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 536 Fight Desperately

Little Golden Dragon was stunned by the speech. Hexi’s mouth corner was even twitching. They didn’t know how to react to this little one’s speech.

As Little Egg’s IQ gets higher and higher, he seemed to have better memory of what he had seen before. This kind of shrewd words was one of them.
Of course, the most ugly face definitely belonged to Feng Yunjing.

His eyes seemed to have quenched the most terrible poison, staring at Hexi and these little ones. He said word by word sinisterly, “Xi Yue, congratulations, you have successfully angered me!”

“Or do you think that with these little animals, you can compete with me? Hehe, since the little animals around you are so desperate to find death, I will fulfill their wish.”

As soon as the words were out, Feng Yunjing pointed at the Rakshasa Flag in the air with one finger.

The huge Rakshasa Flag was spinning constantly, bringing up a cold hurricane.
For a while, the grass and the grass spun around, and the black gas was blowing. Hexi and the several little ones were staggered by the wind.

Immediately afterward, a huge black shadow suddenly emerged from the black flag, flying toward Little Egg.

The shadow had a ghost-like cry. Everywhere it went, the plants was withered, and even the fertile land became sand.

Little Egg was stunned by this situation. He screamed in shock, “Mom!”
Hexi quickly drew a light with her sword, enveloping Little Egg.

However, Purple Abyss Vine was faster than her.

The purple vines rose into the sky, quickly covering up in front of Little Egg and Hexi.

After a loud bang, the black shadow hit the purple vine, but in the blink of an eye, the original tender purple leaves withered. Even the branches fell down one by one.
Even the tender Little Purple seedling in Hexi’s sea of consciousness was withered at this moment as if it would lose its vitality anytime.

“Little Purple-!!!”

“Aunt Little Purple-!!!”

Little Egg wailed, trying to rush out of Hexi’s light shield to see the withered Purple Abyss Vine.

However, at this time, the black gas was blocked by Purple Abyss Vine and then dissipated, but Feng Yunjing was already in front of it.
He had a long sword with cold light in his hand, chopping down at Hexi’s light shield.

Hexi concentrated all his spiritual power on Li Shui Sword, preparing to make her last stand.

“Boss, you and Little Egg must take care and live well!”

The sound of Little Golden Dragon suddenly came to their ears, then he rose into the sky after a dragon roar.

Little Golden Dragon’s entire body suddenly turned into a huge flying dragon, slamming into Feng Yunjing’s long sword fiercely.

Just listening to the thunderous roar, Feng Yunjing stepped back quickly. He stumbled a few steps before he could stand firm.

On Hexi’s side, the Little Golden Dragon recovered its original shape and dropped from the air. He twitched a few times, then passed out.

Under his body, the shocking blood was slowly flowing.

“Little Dragon–! Little Dragon, don’t die!”

Little Egg was crying as he shouted the name of Little Golden Dragon. He wanted to rush out of Hexi’s light shield, but Hexi held him tightly.

Hexi bit her lips. Her eyes flushed. There seemed to be crystal water droplets in her eyes.

Her gaze looked at Feng Yunjing not far away. Her eyes were full of brutal murderous intentions.

As expected, Feng Yunjing recovered immediately after he stood still.
The long sword that was mixed with the vibe of spiritual power struck ruthlessly at Hexi’s light shield.


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