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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 541 Injury

The body of Purple Abyss Vine was transplanted into the Ancient Rhyme Spiritual Field. Hexi used a lot of Ninth Secluded Spirit Spring to water it. She also endured the pain on dantian and fed it a lot of spiritual fire. The little Purple seedling that was about to.

However, it takes at least ten days to grow a vine plant that could be used for battle. Even in the Ancient Rhyme Spiritual Field, it still had to take around ten days.
After ensuring that several brats were fine, Hexi began to deal with her injuries.

She drank a lot of Ninth Secluded Spirit Spring and took the medicinal pill, so she could barely suppress the scorching injuries on her dantian.

However, it was just treating the symptoms instead of the root cause.

In fact, she suffered severe internal injuries this time. Combined with pretending to self-destruct Li Shui Sword forcefully, it had caused great damage to her meridians and dantian.

If she weren’t in Breaking Spirit Mountain now, she might be able to take a good rest and recover in a few months.
But the problem was that in this place where magical beasts and Gold Core stage martial artists were everywhere. There was really no safe place to let her rest in peace.

Hexi frowned and sat next to the spiritual fountain. She took out the black stone that Ouyang Haoxuan gave her and the talisman that Shen Qingchuo gave her.

Just in the middle of the battle, she tried to activate the stone that Ouyang Haoxuan gave her, but nothing happened.

The talisman that Fu Qing gave her did have a response, but it was unlikely that anyone would come to save her.
Hexi didn’t know whether it was Ouyang Haoxuan and Qingxia Sect who were in danger, or Feng Yunjing did something on the rules, making them unable to cross through the boundary.

In any case, Hexi knew that she could no longer stay in this rank five magical beast area.

Her strength today was less than one third of her heyday, and her several little ones had been seriously injured. If she encountered a rank five magical beast at this time, she could do nothing but run away.

However, things would change if she could go to the rank four magical beast area.
The magical beasts there were only at the Meridians stage, and they were not under the control of Feng Yunjing. At least she could guarantee her safety.

Thinking of this, Hexi took out the talisman that Shen Qingchuo gave her.

When the spiritual power burned the talisman, a direction immediately indicated on the talisman, and there was a faint force trying to drag Hexi in that direction.

Shen Qingchuo was now in the southeast direction. That means the rank four magical beast area was also in the southeast.

Hexi breathed a sigh of relief. As she was about to keep everything, she suddenly touched a smooth and cool inscribed jade slip at her fingertips.
It was an inconspicuous pale green inscribed jade slip.

Hexi remembered that before she left, Wu Xin once told her to put this inscribed jade slip after entering Breaking Spirit Mountain. In a critical moment, it might save her life.

Hexi responded very quickly at the time. She immediately forgot about this thing after a while. She just left it in the void and forgot about it.

Now seeing it again, Hexi decided to wear it. Now she had lost a lot of strength, it was always good to have a safeguard.

Hexi found a rope to wear on the inscribed jade slip and hung it close to her chest.

As soon as the warm jade touched her skin, a slight throbbing came, making Hexi slightly blur.

She didn’t think much about it. She began to meditate, slowly cultivating the powerful spirit of the Ninth Secluded Spirit Spring in Dantian.
Early the next morning, Hexi was awakened by the beast roar that was getting closer.

A mighty breath of powerful magical beast came from a distant direction, shaking the leaves of the whole mountain forest that it made a rustling round.

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