The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 542 How Could It Be A Woman- !!
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 542 How Could It Be A Woman- !!

Hexi frowned and got out of the void. She decided to set off for the rank four magical beast area now.

Along the way, Hexi followed the indication of talisman and proceeded very carefully.
Her stealth skill had always been very strong. She never stayed in a place for more than five minutes, and she now basically didn’t use spiritual power. Instead, she was moving with light steps. Therefore, she really avoided all the rank five magical beast all the way. Finally, she arrived at the border between rank four and rank five magical beast areas.

As long as she walked through this boundary, she could some rest to take good care of her internal injuries.

Hexi breathed a sigh of relief.

As she was walking toward the boundary, her mind was suddenly alerted.

Hexi’s hand was almost touching the edge of the boundary, but her face changed drastically, and she retreated quickly.
At the same time, she kicked a stone toward the boundary, making a sizzling sound.

Hexi’s face looked ugly. At this moment, she heard a woman laughing loudly behind her.

“Well well well, Xi Yue, why don’t you run into it? I’m still waiting to see how you are cooked by Thousand Thunder Trap! I even set it up using so much time. It’s really disappointing!”

Hexi turned around slowly, staring at the slowly appearing figure on the hill in the distance and biting her teeth fiercely: “Feng Lianying——!”
Five to six Gold Core stage experts were standing on the hill. They were mostly young men in Liu Li Sect costumes.

The leader was a young woman in white fluttering clothes. She was as beautiful as a fairy, but her eyes that were looking at Hexi far away was full of resentment and madness. If it wasn’t Feng Lianying, who would it be.

The person following her closely behind Feng Lianying was Nie Jinchen, whom Hexi had seen in Sealed Dragon Domain’s Secret Territory.

Feng Lianying walked toward Hexi and laughed leisurely. “Xi Yue, I had guessed that you would not be able to live in the rank five magical beast area, and you would definitely go to the rank four magical beast area to seek the help of the Shen Family, so I have been for you here since the beginning of the hunting.”
“However, you didn’t appear after I waited for so many days. I thought you are killed by the rank five magical beast. I felt regret for a long time. After all, it is really too easy for you if you die so easily. ”

“Fortunately, my hard work pays off. You finally come to me yourself. Hahaha…”

Feng Lianying laughed wildly as she led people in the direction of Hexi.

At this time, she thought Hexi had no way to escape this time. Hexi could only listen to her command.

However, when Feng Lianying stepped down the hill and came to Hexi to see her, she suddenly widened her eyes and screamed, “You… why are you a woman?!”
Not far away, there was a young girl with long hair like silk satin. She only used a simple ribbon to tie her hair. A few strand of her hair were drooping by her face which made a perfect foil of her white skin.

The person in front of her was clearly wearing a simple men’s wear, but it no longer covered her exquisite body.

However, the most important thing was not only that.

The person in front of her was Xi Yue, but she didn’t know what kind of changes she had made to change her initially handsome face features into a beautiful face as if it had the charm to steal the others’ souls.

No one would ever recognize her as a man again!


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