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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 547 Witch- !!

Mr. Liao immediately laughed, “How difficult is this? Since Miss Feng wants to see it, we will definitely make miss enjoy it. Hehehehe… My disciples haven’t encountered a delicious tender girl in a long time. They are blessed to have Miss Feng’s kindness! ”

The seven incomparably ugly men in black robes couldn’t help laughing, and they were looking at the unearthly lady with lust and greed.
Although following Mr. Liao, they could occasionally play beautiful women, they had never encountered such a perfect lady. Today, they could enjoy such a beautiful lady’s body. It made their blood boiled.

Feng Lianying smiled and turned to look at Hexi, thinking that she could see fear and surprise in her face.

However, to her surprise, Hexi’s expression was calm from beginning to end. Hexi was even looking at Feng Lianying with her eyes full of disdain and contempt like she was watching a bunch of stinking waste.

Feng Lianying’s anger surged into her head. This bitch? How can she look at me like that?

She was going to tear her mask and make her cry and beg for mercy!
Thinking of this, Feng Lianying took a deep breath. She suddenly said faintly to Mr. Liao, “Mr. Liao, in order to let you better entertain her, I want to give your another present.”

After speaking, Feng Lianying’s palm spread out, and a dark red bug appeared in her palm.

Feng Lianying exhaled softly at the little bug, and a weird smile filled the corner of his mouth.

When Hexi took out the little bug, Hexi had a bad feeling in her mind.
Before she knew what was wrong, she felt a sudden rush of heat in her abdomen.

This heat flow was completely different from the burning pain of the injured meridians. It was like there were countless small bugs surging in the lower abdomen. Everywhere the bugs went, there were numbness, itchiness, and burning hot. She couldn’t refrain herself from groaning and trembling.

Hexi’s eyes finally showed a hint of fear, “Feng Lianying, you actually poison me?”

I was poisoned? When? Why did I not notice it at all?

No, it wasn’t done just now, but … it was just when entering the teleporting array of Breaking Spirit Mountain.

Hexi remembered the inscribed jade slip that hurt her. At that time, the poison had already permeated into her body.
No, maybe it isn’t poison. Hexi’s gaze fell on the little bug in Feng Lianying’s palm.

This is … Voodoo?!

When Feng Lianying saw Hexi’s always calm and self-sustained face finally revealed a panicked expression, she suddenly laughed, “This is not a drug, but a spirit voodoo, and it is the most ferocious Love Devouring Voodoo in the spirit voodoo.”

“My master raised this Love Devouring Voodoo with a lot of hardship. He has to feed the mother voodoo with the blood of 999 girls with only yin [1] attribute for three years. After the mother voodoo gives to offspring voodoo, then let the offspring voodoo devours the 999 girls. After that, the offspring voodoo will fight each other until the number of voodoo reduce from 1000 to 10. Xi Yue, I have wasted one precious offspring voodoo on you. You should be grateful! ”

“Love Devouring Voodoo!” Mr. Liao couldn’t help but complement, “I did not expect that the master of the Thousand Poisons Valley can cultivate Love Devouring Voodoo. If the level of Love Devouring Voodoo is high enough, the mother voodoo can control those who are cursed by the offspring voodoo. It can make the cursed party fall in love with him or her desperately. It can even make the target kill himself.”
[1] https://www.thoughtco.com/yin-and-yang-629214


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