The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 548 Delicate Charming
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 548 Delicate Charming

“Mr. Liao really knows the goods.” Feng Lianying smiled lovely. “Although the level of this offspring voodoo of Love Devouring Voodoo is only level three, it can absolutely make people burn in lust. Mr. Liao, you can see this woman lying on the ground and pleasing you to pamper her in awhile. Nevermind your disciples are just ugly, even if it is magical beast, she will please without hesitation.”

“Love devouring voodoo’s lust desire is can’t be able to resist with human will. Hahaha…”
Mr. Liao glanced at Hexi. He that her cheeks were peachy red, and she seemed to be have with an enchanting charm. His mouth was dry by just looking at her. He couldn’t help but swallow a mouthful of saliva.

“Miss Feng thought so thoughtfully, you can rest assured that I will not disappoint your expectations!”

As he spoke, several people laughed and approached Hexi.

Hexi felt that the fire in her body was burning, making her limbs weak; she couldn’t even hold the sword in her hand.

However, there was a burst of madness in her heart. There was an anger to perish together with the enemies.
Feng Lianying saw that Hexi still wanted to use the flying sword in her hands, and she laughed, “Xi Yue, don’t you know that spirit voodoo’s favorite is spiritual power? The more you use spiritual power, the more active spirit voodoo is. Hahaha, I advise you to be obedient. There are so many people serving you, you don’t have to worry about not being able to satisfy the poison of Love Devouring Voodoo. I’m good enough for you right!”

Before Feng Lianying’s words were finished, Hexi lifted her head abruply and said coldly, “Feng Lianying, die!!!!”

As soon as she spoke, she rose into the sky. The Li Shui Sword slashed at the sky fiercely.

Immediately afterward, swords rain fell from the sky at Feng Lianying and the others.
Feng Lianying was so certain that Hexi would lose. She didn’t expect Hexi to have the chance to fight back after she was infected by the Love Devouring Voodoo.

She was caught off guard. The swords rain had already reached the top of her head before she managed to channel her spiritual power.

The shadow of death enveloped Feng Lianying, she screamed and pulled Nie Jinchen around her, trying to throw him into the air to block the swords rain.

However, Nie Jinchen moved faster than her.
He quickly caught another disciple of Liu Li Sect and threw him at the sky.

“Ah—!!” A miserable scream went through the sky.

That disciple also had no time to activate the spiritual power shield. He was instantly penetrated by the sword rains in the sky and died.

“Bang“, the body dropped from high altitude and rolled on the ground. The disciple’s eyes turned white; blood flowed out from the seven orifices. The pair eyes were staring deadly at Feng Lianying’s direction.

Feng Lianying fell to the ground, shuddering all over her body. She only regained conscious a moment later. She screamed suddenly, “Xi Yue, are you looking for death—!!!!”

She took out the mother voodoo abruptly, bite her tongue, and spat a mouthful of blood toward the mother voodoo.

Hexi’s face turned white for a moment, then her face became more flushed. She couldn’t help groaning.

That sound was so sweet as if it was honey-sweet with a tender charm. Hexi’s heart sank a little.

Feng Lianying shouted at Mr. Liao and others, “What are you guys waiting for? Do you want to enjoy this woman’s body?”

Mr. Liao recollected his mind. He was smiling evilly. His gaze at Hexi looked at little dignified.

Obviously, she was just a girl at the Foundation Establishment stage. Logically, she couldn’t fight back at all after being infected by the Love Devouring Voodoo.


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