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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 555 Want Her

Nangong Yu took a breath, and he was stiff there.

The girl in her arms had messy hair and clothes, and her collar was opened, revealing her delicate skin than was whiter than lamb’s white jade. The sweet peach color stained the girl’s lip color, and it brought up with an enchanting fragrance and charm.
The pink lips were bitten by the white teeth, and the little lilac tongue was exposed between the moans. The girl’s body seemed to exude a faint fragrance which was like the strongest philter, making Nangong Yu losing his mind bit by bit.

The fiery eyes moved along the pink lips, passing the arc-shaped perfect jaw, and landed on the slender neck and delicate clavicle. The lines of the clavicle were so sexy and beautiful. The lines faintly extended down to the open collar.

The slight undulation of the round object in the placket dazzled Nangong Yu’s eyes. He couldn’t help but have a dry mouth, and he was breathing rapidly.

However, Hexi didn’t know that Nangong Yu’s struggle was so tormenting.

She just felt uncomfortable. Fires were igniting in her body, but when her little hand touched Nangong Yu’s face, she felt as if there was a coolness flowing into her body and mind from her fingertips which made her couldn’t help herself from moaning comfortably.
But it was not enough; not enough at all!

Hexi’s hand slowly moved down. She eagerly peeled off Nangong Yu’s collar, wanting to get more coolness to relieve the burn that almost tortured her to death.

Nangong Yu’s eyes were red, and he stared directly at the blurred Hexi. Finally, he couldn’t help but clasped Hexi’s small hand, and lowered his head, and kissed her lips.

This kiss was no longer as gentle and ambiguous as before, but it attacked like a storm of aggression.
Hexi just faintly felt that her body was almost going to be buried in that hot embrace.

The stormy deep kiss made her unable to breathe as if she was about to be swallowed in.

Nangong Yu’s hand pressed tightly to Hexi’s soft back, pressing her against himself and making her unable to escape.

Then, the hot palm kneaded the slim waist, and it extended into her clothes again.
“Xi’er … Xi’er …”

The rough voice could no longer keep his mind. He wanted her; he frantically wanted to possess her and aggressively invade her, making her his woman completely.

Nangong Yu extended his hand with red eyes as he was going to tear off the obstructing clothes on the girl.

Suddenly, he touched a warm object with his fingertips.

That was … an inscribed jade slip. That was the inscribed jade slip that tore through the space and summoned him.
There was still Hexi’s blood on the inscribed jade sli.

Nangong Yu only felt as if there was cold water pouring down his head, calming down the lust elicited in his body.

He suddenly raised his hand and slapped his face ruthlessly.

A low-pitched voice with a strong heartache and guilt, “What the hell am I doing?!”

Yes, what was he doing exactly?

Knowing that Xi’er was drugged; knowing that she was seriously injured, and her breath and spiritual power were weak.

How can I take advantage of someone and want to occupy her in this way?

Nangong Yu wanted Hexi very much to the extent that he almost went crazy, but… he wouldn’t do it in this way absolutely.
Having an outdoor sex was an insult to Xi’er.

He would make Hexi his own, but he would marry her in a decent way and make her his legitimate wife.

Instead of taking advantage of her unconscious state while disregarding her safety and will.

Nangong Yu took a deep breath, condensed a cold ice water, and poured it on himself ruthlessly. Only then it cooled down the aroused desire completely.
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    《The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife》