The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 556 Dark Spiri
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 556 Dark Spiri

He hugged Hexi, who was struggling, and released his spiritual power into her, trying to know what poison she got.

Although Nangong Yu did not have a doctor grade, he had been sicked for a long time. Although he did not have superb medical skills, he still had some understanding of various strange poisons.
However, when spiritual power got into the body and felt the weird little bug in Hexi’s veins, Nangong Yu’s pupil shrank suddenly.

Voodoo! She wasn’t drugged instead she is cursed by voodoo!!

Feng Lianying, this vicious woman, dares to treat Xi’er like this! !!

Nangong Yu took a deep breath again, suppressing the violent and destructive killing intention. He raised his hand to gather a cloud of spiritual power in his palm.

If at this time someone could see the spiritual power condensed by Nangong Yu, they would scream out of shock.

Because the spiritual power turned out to be pure black like a thick cloud. It was slowly hovering in the palm of Nangong Yu, looking extremely horrible and strange.

As soon as this cloud of spiritual power appeared, the offspring voodoo that was originally lurking in the heart of Hexi was agitated.
As if it was terribly afraid of this back spiritual power, but it was eagerly and involuntarily approaching.

The dark spiritual power was unique in the Miluo Continent. The legend about this power was even rare.

This unique spiritual power was the favorite of all dark flora and fauna and bugs.

But at the same time, voodoo insect was extremely afraid of this dark power because the voodoo insect that survived by devouring other insects could instinctively realize the horror of this dark spiritual power that would devour them.
Yes, the most terrible thing about the Dark Spiritual Power was that it could devour all Dark creatures that were a lower class than the power and transform them into one’s own cultivation.

The dark power in Nangong Yu’s hands carefully entered Hexi’s body. The offspring voodoo couldn’t bear it anymore. It finally came out of Hexi’s body, trying to escape.

However, Nangong Yu’s action was extremely fast. He took out a palm-sized jade box instantly and contained the offspring voodoo which was almost invisible to the naked eye in the box.

Without the torture of offspring voodoo, Hexi’s expression soon ceased to be painful and tormented, and her complexion slowly returned to normal.
Nangong Yu carefully placed the sleepy Hexi on the soft lawn before slowly standing up.

His gaze focused on the jade box containing offspring voodoo. When he opened the jade box, a dark red bug inside shivering in fear.

“Love Devouring Voodoo… it turns out to be Love Devouring Voodoo!!” Nangong Yu’s eyes flashed with murderous intent. His handsome face was as horrible as a Shura.

He didn’t expect that the poison he hated the most; the poison that had killed his mother, was now planted in Xi’er.

If it weren’t for the pair of mother Love Devouring Voodoo’s level was still very low, Xi’er would probably be dead under the torment of the voodoo before he could come to help her.
As soon as he thought of the possibility of losing Hexi, Nangong Yu’s hand holding the jade box trembled.

He slowly walked toward Feng Lianying and Nie Jinchen who were unconscious.

The icy spiritual power dropped and poured on Feng Lianying and Nie Jinchen.

Feng Lianying trembled, moaned, and opened her eyes slowly.

Nie Jinchen also woke up quietly. He saw Nangong Yu, and he quickly spoke in a tremble, “Nangong, listen to me, I … I really didn’t…”

“Brother Yu …” Feng Lianying was trembling as she wanted to say something.


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