The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 562: Let’s Go Together
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 562: Let’s Go Together

Little Egg grabbed the lotus-shaped jade, and he was suddenly overjoyed. The peculiar spiritual power inside was thick and pure, and it was mixed with a flavor of magic energy. Whether it was for Niu Niu, Little Dragon or Aunt Little Purple, it was the best supplement.

Little Egg quickly put the lotus-shaped jade into the void. His eyes that were watching Nangong Yu were full of worship and kindness. He grabbed his clothes and said, “Dad, you are so good! Those bad guys were defeated easily under your hand.”
But he seemed to think of something again, Little Egg immediately became weeping, “But dad, it would be nice if you come early. That way, mom would not be bullied by that bad guy. That bad guy took off mom’s clothes, and he still wanted to humiliate mom. Little Dragon and Aunty Little Purple were also injured. Wuwuwu… if dad were there, you can definitely protect your mother! ”

When Nangong Yu heard that, his face suddenly turned gloomy. The pair of beautiful eyes became dull like a storm condensing into a whirlpool.

“Little Egg knows!” Little Egg immediately raised his little paw, clenched into fist, and shook it fiercely in the air. “My mother called him Feng Yunjing, and he asked mom to marry him and become the Miss of the Feng Family. Mom wasn’t willing, so he wanted to force mom. That old and ugly shameless man, he doesn’t even match dad’s shoes. How can he covet mom!”

Nangong Yu looked at Hexi with a somber and cold look. That chilling anger and murderous intention made Hexi shiver.

He stretched out his hand, then Hexi shuddered and she was pulled into his arms. He hugged her tightly.
“Feng Yunjing, where did he touch you?” Nangong Yu’s voice was filled with the murderous intention that could pierce into the bone and jealousy. “Xi’er, you are mine. Anyone who covets you should be damned! Why didn’t you ask me for help earlier? ? ”

Hexi shivered under his cold gaze, then she immediately returned to her senses. She said furiously, “How do I know that the inscribed jade slip is used to summon you?”

“Wu Xing just told me to let me bring this inscribed jade slip with me. If there is a danger, it can save my life. I don’t know how to use this inscribed jade slip, let alone summoning you.”

Nangong Yu frowned, and he was extremely dissatisfied with Wu Xing.
He knew what Wu Xing was worrying about, but it was because of Wu Xing’s worry that Xi’er almost suffered irreparable harm. Maybe he should let them know the position of Xi’er in his mind.

Wu Xing who was recovering from his injuries in the Cang Mountain shuddered. He looked around suspiciously without finding any peculiar; he was totally unaware that his master had marked down one demerit on him.

Under Hexi’s explanation, Nangong Yu’s complexion eased. However, he held Hexi’s hand tighter, “Xi’er, I will never let Feng Yunjing go. Since he dared to touch you, then he should prepare to suffer a living hell!”

Hexi was stunned. She had the same cold expression on her face, “Nangong Yu, if you want to revenge on the Feng Family, count me in.”
If she didn’t return the pain and humiliation that the Feng Family’s people added to her, she would not be Hexi.

Nangong Yu frowned as he remembered the plot hidden behind the Feng Family, and he wanted to refuse.

He didn’t want Xi’er to be in any danger.

However, seeing the persistence under Hexi’s eyes, Nangong Yu still sighed, lowered his head and kissed her gently, “Well, let’s go together.”

Hexi breathed a sigh of relief. However, when she thought of the name that Little Egg addressed just now, her eyes suddenly squinted with a hint of warning, “Little Egg, why do you call him dad?”


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