The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 571: Bloody Massacre
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 571: Bloody Massacre

They were Liu Li Sect; one of the four major sects in the world.

Everyone was so respectful toward their disciples. They couldn’t wait to kneel and curry favour with them.
Outside the sect, there was a powerful Nine Turn Earth Mysterious Array. There were also several Nascent Soul stage elders protecting it, and there were countless Gold Core stage martial artists.

They never thought that one day, Liu Li Sect would be breached, and the Nine Turn Earth Mysterious Array would be broken.

And they, Liu Li Sect’s disciples, who were always high above, would become a lamb slaughtered by others. When Nangong Yu shouted “kill”, except fear, there was only despair left in them.

People wearing black armor were more like trained soldiers than martial artists.

Their steps were adjusted uniformly, and their move was swift. As soon as they rushed into Liu Li Sect’s gate, they swung their swords and started slaughtering.
That was the King of Hell Mansion’s most powerful elite, Miluo Continent’s most fearsome army-Iron Kirin.

In just a moment of few breaths, Liu Li Sect was filled with blood. People were mourning everywhere. More corpses were lying on the stairs and the gate. Their blood was staining all the blue stone brick on the square.

When the three elders who besieged Nangong Yu in mid-air saw the tragic state of their disciples, they were so furious that their eyes were filled with blood. Mad hatred and murderous intention made the spiritual power around them surged out desperately.

“Nangong Yu —— !!! You dare to destroy my, Liu Li Sect’s Mountain Guard Array; kill my Liu Li Sect’s disciple. I will definitely tear you into pieces!”
Elder Feng’s eyes were red. He suddenly took out a red medical pill, crushed the shell desperately, and swallowed the scary little bug inside.

The old man standing next to Elder Feng couldn’t help but exclaim, “This is the [Spirit Burning Voodoo] that can inspire potential. Elder Feng, you take this spirit voodoo. Even if you win, you will be consumed by spiritual voodoo. By that time, not only your cultivation will be greatly reduced, it will even lead to the destruction of dantian and death!”

After Elder Feng swallowed the spiritual voodoo, the turbulent spiritual power of the whole body suddenly skyrocketed. In the blink of an eye, his cultivation suddenly rose from the initial of the Nascent Soul Stage to advance level.

Elder Feng looked at Nangong Yu and laughed wildly: “Nangong Yu, you ungrateful dog. We Feng Family let you live previously because we thought that you still have value. If you obediently do your King of Hell and let Feng Family utilize you obediently, maybe you can live well.”
“But you just don’t know how to do what’s good for you, thinking that you can compete with the Feng Family with your little strength? Don’t dream! Even if I give up my life, I must kill you this sinister beast here to eliminate the trouble of Feng Family!”

Nangong Yu looked at him quietly without any fluctuation on his face. His eyes were full of disdain, “You want to kill me here? Elder Feng, are you overreaching yourself?”

“You are just at the intermediate level of the Nascent Soul stage. I have now used the Spirit Burning Voodoo to stimulate my potential. I will soon reach the peak of the Nascent Soul Stage. Together with my two disciples’ help, Nangong Yu, do you really think that you can win?!”

Elder Feng yelled. The spiritual power on his body increased even more as time passed. “Nangong Yu, I will now kill you. When the Iron Kirin loses the King of Hell, they will be a bunch of trash. They can only be trampled by our Feng Family, hahaha… ”


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