The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 576: The Nie Jinchen who Turned Evil
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 576: The Nie Jinchen who Turned Evil

This is clearly the miserable result after man’s essence being drained by woman!

Ouyang Haoxuan’s eyes glanced over Feng Lianying and the three men on her body. Sure enough, Feng Lianying was getting more and more excited, but the three men already had sunken eye sockets as if their vitality would be drained until empty at any time.

The daughter of the Feng Family; the young master of the Liu Li Sect actually cultivated such an evil cultivation method. She sucked man’s essence by selling out her beauty. This was simply disgusting.
Ouyang Haoxuan didn’t want to watch this disgusting scene that made him sick for even looking at it for a minute. He turned around as he was about to leave.

Suddenly, there was another man with a naked torso in the grass. Ouyang Haoxuan also knew this man too. He was Nie Jinchen, the head disciple of Liu Li Sect.

Nie Jinchen’s gloomy eyes glanced at the entangled men and women, then he looked at Ouyang Haoxuan and smiled lowly, “How long does Young Master Ouyang want to watch here? Do you also want to taste the Ice Lotus Fairy?”

Ouyang Haoxuan showed an extremely disgusted expression. He said coldly, “You all are doing such a disgusting thing, why are you afraid of being seen by others?”

Nie Jinchen laughed, “Not anyone can have a taste of the Miss of the Feng Family. This is a unique opportunity. Don’t Young Master Ouyang want to try it? Rest assured, you are a Gold Core stage, so you won’t be drained to death like this scum. See, am I not fine?”
When Nie Jinchen said this sentence, it was full of temptation like he was sharing a magic weapon.

Ouyang Haoxuan was even more disgusted as if he would vomit for taking one more glance. “Such a dirty and shameless woman. If you like it, keep it for yourself!”

After speaking, he turned and left quickly without speaking more with Nie Jinchen.

I didn’t see Xi Yue here. It seems she is out of danger.

Ouyang Haoxuan’s spiritual power was injected into the black stone, and he was found that the black stone was still pointing in the same direction.
From this point of view, that direction lead to the rank four magical beast area.

Ouyang Haoxuan no longer hesitated. He quickly crossed the enchantment and entered the rank four magical beast area.

Nie Jinchen, who stayed in place, held the recording talisman that was already recorded in his hand, and he revealed a vicious smile.

Ouyang Haoxuan followed the instructions of the black stone and quickly came over a valley.

However, when he looked into the valley, he was frightened and revealed a terrified expression.

He saw in the hundreds of square meters of the valley, there were more than a dozen rank four magical beasts surrounding a fragile young man.

Those magical beasts were ferocious. Their spiritual power was pulsating. There were even loud roars from time to time.

The young man trapped in the middle was slender. He had dark hair. His skin was as white as snow under the sun and as delicate as jade.

From the perspective of Ouyang Haoxuan, he can see the faint smile on his mouth, the beautiful and delicate eyebrows, and the slender neck.

The young man looked so delicate and so cowardly as if he would be torn into pieces at any time.

But his eyes were so calm as if the dozen magical beasts in front of him were just ants that he could kill at any time.

Ouyang Haoxuan took a cool breath and then breathed a sigh of relief.

This young man was obviously Xi Yue. Fortunately, he arrived immediately, otherwise he might see his body being torn by magical beast.

Ouyang Haoxuan was about to jump down to rescue him, but saw that the boy who had stood up suddenly moved.

Purple vines rose into the sky, extending toward the magical beast that surrounded her in all directions.


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