The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 579: Ouyang Haoxuan’s Thoughts
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 579: Ouyang Haoxuan’s Thoughts

Until Hexi received the monster essence pill and retracted her hand.

Feeling the touch and temperature lost in the palm of his hand, Ouyang Haoxuan only felt a loss in his heart. He wished to grab the white jade-like hand back and put it into his palm.
Hexi returned to the corpse pile of magical beast to collect monster essence pill, and let Purple Abyss Vine suck enough blood.

As she was about to ask Ouyang Haoxuan to move together, she turned back and saw that Ouyang Haoxuan was astounded on the spot. His pair of dark jade eyes were stunned looking at her, but it also seemed like he was spaced out as he was looking at nothing.

“Young MAster Ouyang? Young Master Ouyang?”

Hexi called several times in a row before Ouyang Haoxuan slammed back, and his cheeks turned red.

He gave a low cough and covered his embarrassment, then he only spoke casually, “Xi Yue, we have a friendship at the very least, please stop calling me Young Master Ouyang. Call me Haoxuan instead.”
Hexi responded casually with an “oh”. She wasn’t interested in what to address. “Let’s go.”

Watching the slender back of the young man walking in front of him, and the dark and soft hair fluttered lightly, Ouyang Haoxuan recollected his mind. He suppressed the peculiar state in his mind and quickly followed up.

This time the two walked up the main peak.

Because the main peak was steep and high, there were very few martial artists encountered on the way, but there were more and more magical beasts.
But for Hexi, the more magical beasts, the happier she was.

This area only had rank four magical beasts. She was more than enough to deal with it by herself. Now, with the help of Ouyang Haoxuan, it went very smoothly. The magical beasts on the peak were so terrified that they didn’t dare to come out.

Ouyang Haoxuan had seen Hexi’s strength while in the valley.

However, along the way, he was horrified to watch Hexi showing his sword skills that were better than the Gold Core stage martial artists and harvesting a bunch of magical beasts in his hand.
Xi Yue is only at the Foundation establishment stage. How can he defeat a group of rank four magical beasts? This is impossible no matter how.

And, if I remember it right, Xi Yue was just an ordinary person who couldn’t use spiritual power a few months ago.

At the time, she was still using Nangong Yu’s spiritual power to help me cure the poison.

But in just a few months, her strength was close to the peak of the Meridians stage. Such a speed of advancing made Ouyang Haoxuan startled.

Ouyang Haoxuan didn’t know that this was even the result of Hexi hiding his strength.

If Ouyang Haoxuan knew that Hexi could beat up an intermediate level Gold Core Stage martial artist with his full force, Ouyang Haoxuan’s jaw would be dropping.

After a year and a half being laughed by people after his meridians were severed, Ouyang Haoxuan’s heart was filled with a thick darkness.

Apart from his parents, he could no longer believe anyone. He would never care about the lives of others.

But this Xi Yue was different right?

Ouyang Haoxuan would never forget that it was this beautiful and handsome young man who told him with an ease smile light and a loud tone, “I can cure you!”

Xi Yue was like a light, pulling him out of the abyss of hell, allowing him to relive like a person, and giving redemption to the Ouyang Family.

Ouyang Haoxuan was grateful and eager for Xi Yue.

But now, he found that he was more and more attracted to this beautiful-looking, superb medical skills, and powerful youth. It was to the extent that he couldn’t look away.
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    《The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife》