The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 580: Nalan Ziyun’s Cry for Help
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 580: Nalan Ziyun’s Cry for Help

The two men ascended halfway up the main peak, and finally came to a huge field on top of the mountain.

Not far away, in the dense forest ahead, the sound of quarrels and fights could be heard. Occasionally, there were the voices of martial artists screaming.
From here, they could vaguely see indistinct figures fighting.

Ouyang Haoxuan looked at the direction of the screaming, his eyes were cold without any curiosity or sympathy.

However, when he turned to see Hexi’s expression looking over there, he couldn’t help asking, “Xi Yue, do you want to help?”

If Xi Yue wanted to save them, he was naturally willing to accompany him.

Hexi smiled faintly and shook her head. “No, I just seem to see an acquaintance. However, it doesn’t matter to me, let’s go.”
There was a smile in Ouyang Haoxuan’s eyes.

As the two were about to leave, a familiar young voice suddenly sounded behind them, “Young Master Xi, help!”

This was Nalan Ziyun’s voice. It was full of supplication and surprise.

Why would Hexi care about him? She literally ignored him and walked away. She even talked to Ouyang Haoxuan by the side as she walked as if there was no one there.
Nalan Ziyun was being beaten as he was pressed to the ground at this moment.

The one who pressed him was an extremely fat martial artist. When he heard him asking for help, he laughed and said, “What Young Master West or Young Master East (The xi in Xi Yue name represents West in Chinese), even the emperor couldn’t save you now!”

After that, the fat fist slammed heavily on Nalan Ziyun’s waist. It was so painful that Nalan Ziyun’s body trembled for a while.

He saw that Xi Yue didn’t mean to save himself at all, he was so furious and hateful.
He turned his eyes, and there was ruthlessness in his eyes. He couldn’t help increase his pitch, “Xi Yue, weren’t you very happy and proud to embarrass the Feng Family in the palace that day? Now that you see the Feng Family people oppress us innocent martial artists, you are going to flee?”

Nalan Ziyun’s remarks immediately made the group of martial artists who were been beating Nalan Ziyun and others stopped their movements, and looked at Hexi fiercely.

If, in this Big Hunting Match, the most hated person of the disciples of Feng Family and Liu Li Sect was Xi Yue, then no one could absolutely be the second!

Hearing the name Xi Yue, and then carefully looked at this young man’s overly handsome face, if he was not the one who embarrassed the Feng Family in the palace, who would it be?

For a time, these Feng Family’s martial artists burst into anger.
The leader waved his hand, then half of the martial artists who were beating Nalan Ziyun charged directly at Hexi and Ouynag Haoxuan. They immediately surrounded them in a blink of an eye.

The leader looked thirty-five or thirty-six years old. His facial features were fairly angular, but his hair was thin and greasy. His forehead was even empty as if he was wearing a wig.

He stepped forward a few steps and assessed Hexi up and down, then he laughed coldly, “It really is you, Xi Yue, hahaha… You can have a good live, but you run into trouble yourself instead.”

“A mere Foundation Establishment stage martial artist actually overreaches himself to go to the rank four magical beast area. Today, you are really unlucky to meet me, Feng Yunhai. Rest assured, according to the rules of Big Hunting Match, I can’t kill the contestants, but it’s still very easy for you to survive a living hell. Hahaha… ”


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