The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 582: The Anomalies of The Silver Spoon Kid
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 582: The Anomalies of The Silver Spoon Kid

Xia Yichen’s fellow apprentice were all in their twenties. They were irritable and bad-tempered. Now, they were bullied by Feng Family’s people, how would they just give up that easily.

Of course, part of the reason was that no one could kill anyone in this Big Hunting Match. Similarly, Feng Yunhai dared to rob them, but they had absolutely no courage to kill them. Otherwise, wouldn’t it let Xia Family and Feng Family completely have a fall out?
Several people from Shui Yue Sect pushed Nalan Ziyun aside, and some even taunted him, “Fellow apprentice is still timid. You are probably scared after being beaten by the fat man. Since you have no courage, it is better to stay here to avoid being caught and getting your face beaten. You only know to cry for help. Wouldn’t you ruin the reputation of our Shui Yue Sect! ”

Nalan Ziyun’s face turned blue and white for a while, he clenched his fists tightly. His eyes were filled with resentment and haze.

If I didn’t use tricks to shift Feng Yunhai and his men’s attention to Xi Yue, these people would be beaten up badly just now. Now they actually blame me for being dirty!

It’s all because of Xi Yue. Because he refused to take the initiative to save me, so I got myself into such a situation.

It is all Xi Yue, this bitch’s fault!!


By this time Hexi and Feng Yunhai had already started fighting.

Feng Yunhai’s strength was just average, but the two Gold Core stage martial artists around him, whose strength was suppressed, were very powerful.
As soon as Feng Yunhai ordered, a fireball and an ice blade were launched toward Hexi.

Before waiting for Hexi to move, Ouyang Haoxuan stood in front of Hexi, waved his sword, and easily parried the fireball and ice blade.

Obviously it was just a sword coated with a thin layer of spiritual power, but it could made the fireball and ice blade disappear instantly.

The two Gold Core stage martial artists both showed shocked expressions, exclaiming, “Gold Core stage!”
Several people’s faces showed stunned expressions. No wonder Hexi dared to enter the rank four magical beast area at a Foundation Establishment stage.

It turned out that she was followed by a Gold Core stage bodyguard, and he was also at strong Gold Core stage.

Feng Yunhai saw that the attack of her two guards was parried by Ouyang Haoxuan, and he suddenly yelled furiously, “You two entangle that Gold Core stage guy; everyone else beat up Xi Yue that scum.”

As Feng Yunhai’s men were about to move, several martial artists from the dense forest suddenly flew over and landed around the crowd.
Xia Yichen stepped forward slowly, stood next to Hexi, and sneered toward Feng Yunhai, “Feng Family’s people are really good. They want to let so many Meridians stage martial artists bully a Foundation Establishment stage martial artist. This is really a big joke!”

“Oh, yes, anyway, you guys had already been laughed at in the palace during the good show. Of course, you are not afraid now. After all, your face is already thicker than the city wall. Would you guys care embarrassing yourself more!”

When Feng Yunhai heard the words, he burst in rage. The thin, greasy hair on his head tilted as if it would fall off at any time.

Hexi was surprised.

She glanced at Xia Yichen and secretly thought: If I remember correctly, silver spoon kid was very hostile toward me during the opening ceremony of the Big Hunting Match. His gaze was so fierce as if it could pierce me.

Why would he help me now?

Xia Yichen looked into Hexi’s clear eyes and handsome face, and his face flushed suddenly. He suddenly raised his tone, “What are you looking at? I’m not helping you; I’m just displeased with the Feng Family’s people only.”


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