The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 584: Conspiracy of the Feng Family
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 584: Conspiracy of the Feng Family

Feng Yunhai and others were furious, pointing at Ouyang Haoxuan and screaming, “Shit, what are you? You dare to point finger at our Feng Family? Besides, don’t you know that killing is not allowed in Big Hunting Match? Aren’t you afraid of being punished by the four major sects after it is made known?”

Ouyang Haoxuan sneered, “Big Hunting Match does not allow killings, but it is only for those registered martial artists, not the people who sneaked in around you.”
“I don’t know when the people in the Feng Family were so brave. They actually dare to send in the non-participants illegally behind the other three major sects. If this is spread out, am I going to be sanctioned or the Feng Family will be sanctioned?”

When Ouyang Haoxuan said this, Feng Yunhai suddenly panicked. He almost instinctively blurted out, “How… How do you know?”

Xia Yichen and others were also shocked, then suddenly came to their senses.

They felt weird. They were also the major sect’s disciples who were teleported to Breaking Spirit Mountain for the Big Hunting Match.

Xia Yichen’s brothers and sisters all gathered together using secret methods. How come the Feng Family’s disicples were more powerful than them? There were even a few Gold Core stage martial artists followed Feng Yunhai to protect them?
Logically, the number of people from the major sects and families had limited seats in the Big Hunting Match. After all, most of the quotas must be reserved for those average martial artists in order for the major sects to select their talents.

It turned out that these Feng Family’s people didn’t all sign up for the Big Hunting Match, but they sneaked in.

No wonder, the Qixing Palace was defenseless against them!

Xia Yichen’s gaze looking at Feng Yunhai was filled with caution and suspicion, “Feng Yunhai, what does Feng Family want? Why did they send so many people into the Breaking Spirit Mountain?”
Feng Yunhai’s face was extremely gloomy. Instead of answering Xia Yichen’s words, he stared coldly at Ouyang Haoxuan, “Young man, who are you?”

Before Ouyang Haoxuan answered, one of the Gold Core stage martial artist beside Feng Yunhai suddenly exclaimed, “Young master, I know who he is? He is Ouyang Haoxuan, the only son of Ouyang Zhixiong!”

Ouyang Family was the organizer of this Big Hunting Match, so it was normal for Ouyang Haoxuan to know the list of participants of the Big Hunting Match.

Ouyang Haoxuan?! Feng Yunhai’s pupils shrank sharply. His hand, that was rubbing his hair gently, suddenly gripped and pulled out one-third of his hair.
Instead of being angry, Feng Yunhai showed a look of joy in his eyes. He winked at the two Gold Core stage martial artists around her.

This Ouyang Haoxuan was the wanted person by the young master, Feng Yunjing. This time the Feng Family had invested so much manpower into Breaking Spirit Mountain. In addition to investigating the prohibition array’s location of Breaking Spirit Mountain, there was a temporary mission which was to find the location of Ouyang Haoxuan and secretly took him back alive.

Feng Yunhai masked the joy on his face and yelled angrily at Ouyang Haoxuan, “Ouyang Haoxuan, are you tired of living? You dare to oppose our Feng Family. You all catch him for me immediately. I must show him who has the say now!!!”

When Feng Family’s disciples heard that, they were about to charge at Ouyang Haoxuan.

How would Xia Yichen let him do as he wished? He hated Feng Yunhai’s humiliation to his bone. He immediately shouted, “The Feng Family dares to cheat in the Big Hunting Match. Let’s catch them all and look for the Feng Family to reason with them!”


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